ordering diapers

  1. M4saremyfavourite

    Ordering diapers online. Which site?

    So, I’m planning on ordering a package of diapers soon and I’m not sure which site to order from. My main issue is with the shipping companies. Canada post, only leaves the package if you are in the house. But I go to school so I’m never home in time. Puralator is the only shipping company I...
  2. C

    Research for new ABDL store

    I am thinking about launching a new online ABDL store in the USA. I am thinking of employing a more discreet delivery option for people who are living with parents/roommates where the diapers/other products are put under a false bottom in the box, and snack foods are put on top. Snack foods...
  3. diaperedteenager

    New Method for ordering diapers

    So, hopwfully I explained this well enough for all of you. If not, please ask questions! If you think this belongs in the Wiki, please tell. Okay, Remember when I posted something about saying that I can use my company to have an excuse to have diapers delivered to my house? Well I have...