1. tiny

    Biggest diaper order?

    I recently ordered some of the last batch of Abena M4s, and a few other diaper brands... and I was amazed that the courier listed the total weight of the delivery as 37kg! That's more than half my weight! Should keep me going for a while. I still have a stash of plastic-backed M3s and...
  2. T

    Found a diaper that I would be interested in

    Heya guys :D I found a diaper that I WOULD be interested in ordering... but I am not sure how good they are. Any of you guys know if these are something I should shoot for or if anything else on the website is better? http://www.maxdiaper.com/product/60-st-crinklz-large
  3. xtrabulk

    Awwsocute Issue

    So early this month I ordered from Awwsocute. The diapers came in 5 days, but were small. I ordered the medium, but their size is wonky. So, since I got my product in a timely fashion, I ordered 2 bags of Large. That was 11 days ago, and not a word. Anyone else have a great first impression...
  4. T

    Bambino skipped my order...

    So I placed an order through bambino three weeks ago and it was marked shipped. I emailed them and they told me that it was packaged and never left the warehouse and was skipped over.. I've been waiting so long, this anticipation is killing me... :/ How long does their shipping usually take?
  5. PaddedSuperboy

    Changes In XPMedical and Their Supplies of Incontinence Products.

    I emailed the owner of XP Medical, and Gary had this to say about changes to their site and their products starting soon. Pretty much, better order now rather than sooner. Not great news.
  6. Piplup

    Not what I was expecting...

    So after being a devoted Bambino wearer, I decided to order the SDKs from ABU. They came in the mail today and I was super excited until I opened the box. First I noticed the invoice saying that they were small instead of medium. I'm not going to blame ABU for the fact that I didn't read...
  7. PetPuppyAlex

    Ordered a case of Bambinos for the first time.

    Lol guize. I have committed to a suicide mission. I've ordered a case of Bambinos with an out of work mother who stays at home most of the day. I didn't realize what a mess this can potentially turn into until way after the fact. Now the case is in processing somewurz and it's too late to turn...
  8. Koneko

    Cloth diaper help?

    Hi, im looking for a cloth diaper that wouldnt be to expensive. Something i could order online yet not in buik, honestly im only wanting to buy 1 or 2 but i would like them to be as THICK as possible. i usually wear either abena or Molicare disposables and have no experience with cloth diapers...
  9. onikitsune

    Upcoming Review: See products below.

    Ladies and Gents, I've just ordered the Following: Hello Kitty Cloth Diaper (Velcro) Plastic Panties Plastic Diaper Cover from Nice Diaper (dot com). I've never ordered from them and I want to get a feel for what they offer; the size; shipping, etc, etc. When they arrive, I'll try them on then...
  10. ShippoFox

    Where to buy Goodnites? Size question too.

    I am planning to buy Goodnites soon. Not sure how soon, but soon. Maybe before the year ends. I know they might not hold much for wetting, but I want them for the girly/cute factor. Plus, they pull up and down, so I can wear them more often. I'm just trying to figure out where to buy them with...