1. WeakEndPartyPerson

    ABDL is a spectrum?

    I think it's very well known that ABDL isn't just ABDL, the way I see it people with a good (increasing to stronger) affinity to incontinence products are: Adult Babies Diaper Lovers Littles (who don't wear often or settle for towel nappies) (Little culture gives a lot of attention to surface...
  2. WeakEndPartyPerson

    Are We (all) good looking?

    Opening note I don't have good self-esteem: Stepping away from the - for most of us - fact that some(one) adult in a nappy makes them more / is more attractive BECAUSE of the nappy ...are people in the ABDLI+ world attractive with nappies not part of the equation? Being as very truthful as I...
  3. BusterBunny

    My Opinion on ABU Preschool Cloth backed Diaper

    I know I'm a little late to the game on this one, considering the ABU Preschool Cloth Backed Diaper came out ages ago, but recently I've gotten a packet (I'm a little stuck in my ways when it comes to finding something I like, I tend to stick to the one type i.e. ABU Space) and I'm not...
  4. C

    How to get somebody's opinion

    How would I discreetly get somebody's opinion about the whole abdl thing before telling them, this is online btw so I can't talk to them in person and we can't meet up.
  5. BabyKai

    What do you think about pacifiers/dummy's?

    I love pacifiers but that's mainly because I've used them all my life. Couldn't be weaned off them and my parents ended up letting me carry on using them. I'm now 19 and walk around the whole house with about 5 at all times. One in my mouth and four to hold, play with and touch (I have sensory...
  6. tobdy1986

    Cloth Training Pant Designs?

    What kind of designs would you like to see on cloth training pants? I'm not asking for trademarked characters or anything like that. I'm thinking more in terms of generic designs like those seen on Honest company products and such.
  7. D

    ABU, Cuddlz or Fabine?

    Which of these is your favourite? Abus, cuddlz or fabines? And why? I have only tried abu sdk so far, they look nice and the plastic feels just like 90's pampers. Only the price is a bit too high to get them regularly and the tapes could be even wider, since it feels like that if you tape them...
  8. D

    Choosing a Cloth Diaper

    Hey everyone. I'm getting ready to order some cloth diapers for my self. I read the article on Cloth diapers and it was very informative. But I want some opinions on who I should order from, which are best Etc. The article gave me some facts so now I'm just looking for a few opinions from the...
  9. D

    Libero Night Comfort Nappies

    Just found these nappies, what are people's opinion on them?? Libero Night Comfort Large 35-60kg
  10. E

    Best Diaper for a Beginner...?

    So, I'm sure there are plenty of posts asking about which diaper is your favorite but what would anyone recomend for a noob? I haven't worn any yet, so I don't know very much about what I like... here are my suspicions: -I only want to do #1 to start... I'm not even sure I will like that. :\...
  11. betagame

    How much do you think diaper companies think about us

    How much do you think diaper companies think about us? Use the poll, post a reply, see the results. Post your opinion.