1. ThatDiaperedGayGuy

    Wearing Openly Around Non ABDL Friends

    I’m curious as to how many people have openly worn diapers around non abdl friends. Not if you’ve worn around them secretly, but you wearing it and them actually seeing it or at least knowing about it. Please share your stories below! I’d love to hear them! I’ve only done it once and it was...
  2. kik91

    The Pros of being open about being ABDL

    Hi everybody! So, today I wanted to talk about the pros of being out as a little (rather than the cons we get constantly). So, first of all, I want to tell you about me. I'm an open ABDL. What does that mean? Most of my friends and my close family know about this side of me. Maybe I'm just lucky...
  3. C

    First step to ABDL Freedom!

    So yesterday I got a call from a friend of mine and she told me that her and her best friend wanted to move out into their own place and they were able to get a 3 bedroom apartment but needed another roommate to make rent cheaper and she thought of me since I have been dying to move out due to...
  4. D

    Wearing Around any family?

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone else wears diapers around their family? And if they know about it? I wear diapers arounds my grandparents. Normally when I stay at their house, I only wear a shirt and boxers with a diaper underneath. I don't really try to hide it, or try to show it. If they...