1. S

    Looking For ABDL Friends

    Hello, Just wanted to know if anyone else is from Southern Ontario, I’ve been wanting to make friends with others who share a liking for wearing. I’m from around Embro, Woodstock, London and Stratford Ontario. I’m 25, so old lol but thought I’d ask and see. I live with my partner who himself...
  2. S

    Finally Got Own Place

    Well I posted awhile ago, when living with roommates, we’ll I finally got my own place and can wear whenever (significant other doesn’t mind). It’s great. I no longer have to hide in my bedroom while wearing. However now I do get kind of paranoid about leaks. I don’t wear 24/7 mostly just on...
  3. S

    Hello! I'm New Here

    Afternoon, A little about myself. I live in Ontario, Canada and am slowly accepting this quirk of mine. I am 24 and am a graveyard shift worker. I work almost 24/7. Thus I have a very little existance outside of the work-place. Hopefully one day things will be different - but for now... this is...
  4. Dashsanta

    New guy here!!

    Hey everyone!! I'm new here! So just a little about me..I am mainly a little and a diaper lover! I also love music, photography, travel, and hockey, and I am looking to go to school for music performance I want to make some new little friends here so please add me as a friend!! I'm a fun guy!
  5. M

    Hello all my name is michv

    Hi all my name is Mich aka michv. I am a single straight sub ab boy. I live in new liskeard Ontario Canada. I am 29, 5 6 tall, and have red hair and brown eyes. I way 240 lbs and am in to lactation, breastfeeding and beaing a good ab boy for Mommy. I joind this sight to meet and I hope find a...
  6. S

    The new guy sexykyle

    Hi Everyone, My name is Kyle. I have been interested in diapers ever since I was 10 years old. When I was 12 I bought my first pack of Pull-ups and since then have never stopped. No one knows about my diapers and its been a struggle to keep them hidden from my parents for the past 5 years. I...