1. G

    ABU Diaper Suits Should I Buy?

    So I've been debating on whether to get an ABU Diaper Suit so I was wondering for those who have it, is it worth?, whats it feel like?, Is it high quality? does it hug your diaper, does it prevent diaper sag?, is it fun to sleep in?, is it fun to wear with your diaper out in public? Is it fun to...
  2. adasterix

    onsies and places to get cloth diapers

    As Fantasticmax2 notes in another thread https://www.adisc.org/forum/diaper-talk/53208-what-good-web-site-get-cloth-diapers.htm a lot of the on-line cloth diaper suppliers seem to carry the same products. Indeed adultclothdiaper.com The AdultClothDiaper.Com actually charges to...
  3. Gadget1982

    Adult Onesie Pattern

    Does anyone know where I can get a pattern to be able to make my own onesies? I am IC and use the Abena ones right now but they are expensive to replace every 3 months due to stains and wear and tare. The bad thing is the VA won't cover them for me so I am on my own. Any help would be nice...
  4. Wallaby

    Best place to buy a onsie?

    Ok I know theres probably a lot of onsie threads already, and I'm technically not an adult baby, but since you guys are older than me, I assume you have more experience with onsies, so here it goes: I've been looking into babyish clothes lately (so far I have a footed sleeper ^^) but I'm...