1. Kingllama

    Looking for help to save our special night

    Me and my partner won't be spending Christmas together for the first time in 3 year, infact we won't see each other for a week before, and a week after. We had a huge special last night planned for tomorrow, for daddy to take care of his baby girl but at the last minute i have just found out my...
  2. xtrabulk

    Mom wins my diaper fetish

    So 1.5 weeks ago, I had a bit of a pill related relapse. I talked to Mom about it, and she said she wished she were here to hug me. Anyway... If you've read my previous posts, you may remember that when I was 19, my mom asked me about little pieces of blu plastic laying around the house. And...
  3. C

    How to safely explore this unknown side of me

    I always thought I was just a DL. Then, somewhat recently, before my most recent purge cycle, I ended up getting some AB paraphernalia (a onsie and such). After a really tough month of being without any ABDL activity at all, I've decided I want to find a safe way to stabilize my urges...
  4. Tommie

    Cheap Men's Onsies at Target (Aus)

    Hi guys, was just looking around for a onesie and I noticed that Target (Australia) now sells mens size onesies. Men's Onesie - Grey / Green Stripe - Target Australia $31.20 AUD Not much choice but maybe they'll expand their range if a lot of people buy them. :)
  5. xtrabulk

    omg, I just found peace

    ...and it is a onsie. I got it from XP and never saw this coming. I'm a DL, and...well...I just put on this onsie and peace was brought to my world. Is it because I won't have to worry about my diaper showing? Is this a form of regression? Honestly, I am unable to worry with this onsie on. Is...
  6. abdl690

    Onsie/Bodysuit VS. boxer/briefs

    I am looking for something to help keep up a wet diaper, and help keep the noise down. From what I've heard, a bodysuit or boxer/briefs both do a good job. I do kinda want a onsie tho, for the times I like to be more babyish. The onsie would also look like an undershirt, so it wouldn't be...
  7. paciboy

    ABDLs in College

    Hey All! I was wondering how many of u guys r currently in college, and how u live ur AB/DL life in the college situation. I am lucky enough to hav my own room, so i hav been able to wear and use diapers as much as i want. i dont usually wear to classes but i hav in the past. ive been ordering...