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  1. D

    Question about Goodnites, ordering online, and other pull-up type diapers.

    Hi everyone. I know that Goodnites should only be used for children up age 15'ish, but I like the way they look. So, I have a couple questions regarding male vs female Goodnites. Is there much difference in them, besides the design? I don't plan on messing them, I just want to make sure I...
  2. D

    FREE, completely discreet shipping & my first AB/DL order

    So some of you may have seen the thread I made about a week and a half ago about me making my first AB/DL related order and with that, getting my first AB/DL related items(other than the pacifier that I already had). Welp, I was really nervous(nervous enough to where I've waited til now to...
  3. N

    Buyer Beware at ""

    This is in regard to the closed thread "Good site -" I don't know how else to address that thread (being closed) but I want to add my comments to it. I placed an order with in late 2010. The order came to $298.81. The order was shipped in a relatively reasonable...
  4. A

    New Babies Online Shop : Suggestion Needed

    I've just opening new online shop which sell moms and babies product. Beside the products specify, I also share tips and e-book related to Mom and babies. I really need a lot fresh suggestion for the website. It will be a great if you have one...Thx
  5. betagame

    payment method for ordering online

    Okay, there has been a lot of information about getting them to your room. BUT, you need a payment method to order online. i know of ways. 1) debit card I AM NOT OLD ENOUGH 2)prepaid[do you need ID???] 3)money order[do you need ID?] 4)credit card[OUT OF THE ?] What other payment options are...