1. Throwawaw11

    lap shoulder shirts/onesies

    does anyone know where i can get some well made black lap shoulder onesies/shirts
  2. Throwawaw11

    what to wear for bedtime ( onesies to full body onesies )

    I’m trying to find some good well made onesies and snap bottems with plastic snaps ( no buttons with holes type onesies )
  3. B

    Where Can I buy solid color onesies wholesale?

    I am looking to start a business making custom, iron on vinyl, adult onesies; However, I cannot find blank, solid color onesies for purchase. I looked on Alibaba, but all I could find are onesies that are already printed. Does anyone know where I can purchase wholesale, solid color adult onesies?
  4. Z

    Visited an ABDL store in Albany, NY

    So I've read a lot about an ABDL store that is somewhat near my house, a little over an hour drive, and decided why not take a little trip on over since pretty much every medium ABDL diaper has been out of stock and the store had many available. Faced my fears since this was a first for me...
  5. P

    ABDL Onesies?

    Peekaboo everyone! Where is the cheapest place to buy ABDL onesies? Is there anywhere I can buy them for a discount or used? Do you guys have any DIY onesies that I can make that are cute? Thank you :3
  6. C

    Bottles, Paci's, and abdl clothes.

    So recently I bought a 2 pack of abdl bibs and a 3 pack of abdl pacifiers from littleforbig. I immediately fell in love with these paci's because they actually fit to my mouth instead of a baby pacifier. If you have read my previous threads I also purchased pampers size 7 and my first onesie. I...
  7. BabyKai

    How much "baby" stuff do you have? Do you have to hide it?

    I've said on my last (and first) post (yes, I'm a newbie) that I'm disabled and live with my parents. It makes it easier to have baby things right out the open without them questioning me. I've never had to hide it and, for those of you who have to, how do you do it? Does it cause a lot of...
  8. B

    JoeyCuties Onesies?

    What's up guys. I was online last night and found a sight JUST FOR ABDL onesies and it LOOKS awesome. HOWEVER! I was curious, as to whether or not any of the vast population of ADISC members had any reviews or advice on the adorable looking outfits.:confused: Thanks for all your help guys...
  9. G

    Question ABU Diaper Suits Should I Buy???

    So I've been debating on whether to get an ABU Diaper Suit so I was wondering for those who have it, is it worth?, whats it feel like?, Is it high quality? does it hug your diaper, does it prevent diaper sag?, is it fun to sleep in?, is it fun to wear with your diaper out in public? Is it fun to...
  10. Alphathekitten

    So guys.... I was wondering, there is any major difference between a body and a onesie?

    Because, I just saw one on-line that made me gone crazy! It looks so cute, and it's thankfully cheap. I can even imagine myself waddling around on this body! :rolleyes: (If you're curious, here's the mighty link...
  11. D

    Nappy Support

    Hey Guys and Gals Besides onesie T-Shirts, what else can be used to support a nappy. I have tried underwear but they seem too tight. I would love to get onesies but i cant get them in SA. Well adult size that is. SO i have a choice of importing them or making them or finding an alternative...
  12. M

    ABU Preschool

    So Casey, when are you going to let us 'insiders' get some sneak peeks at the new preschool diapers/pullups? Also, I wouldn't mind some sort of update on the pacifiers and onesies that were spoken of during the presentation at the start of the summer. :)
  13. Angellothefox

    The joys and magic to wearing onesies

    Some of you are adult babies. Some of you are diaper lovers. Some of you are littles. Some are babyfurs. Others are diaperfurs. Kidfurs and all of the above. They is no denaying that onesies are nice. weather your a baby or you are a diaper lover at just wants to try something new. So pull up...
  14. sproutling

    Carebear fans?

    I am a huuuuuuge carebear fan and I know lots of littles/abdls are too, These are up on sale! Usually they are 117$ everywhere else. I got Bedtime Bear last night!
  15. nites

    New AB/DL Inspired Subscription Box!

    Hi Everyone! I'm excited to announce a new business designed for the AB/DL community! Crinkle Crate is a brand new business catering specifically to the AB/DL community. Each month a "themed" box of 4-7 hand curated items will be shipped directly to your door. Items that might be in the box...
  16. Selenamisia

    Thinking about getting footie pj's

    I've never bought footie pj's before so I was wondering where I could find some with a reasonable price. If you have any footie pj's that you love, feel free to share where you got them and why you love them. ^-^
  17. itsacurlyone


    For those in Australia who are after new nappies or a supplier, I run both and also We are about to receive our supply of Rearz Safari nappies in all sizes. These are available to (pre) order now, and currently (for a limited time only) you can...
  18. C

    More baby stuff

    I'm trying to get some more baby stuff but i ran out of ideas of stuff to get. As of now I have plenty of diapers, a bottle, formula, pacifiers, and the diapering essentials such as wipes and powder. I was wanting to get more, perhaps an abdl onesie. I've seen that amazon sells abdl onesies but...
  19. KittyninjaW

    Abdl/sissy clothing on a budget

    Hey, me again. I am doing better than I was, anyway I was wondering how do you get Abdl/ sissy clothes affordably because I really want Abdl /sissy clothes when I regress, to seal the deal, and I don't know where to begin, considering the specialty shops on the internets prices, and I really...
  20. NatetheDragon

    Onesies: Does anyone have a custom-made onesie?

    Hey, NatetheDragon here! I'm looking to have a onesie custom made! Where's the best place to get one? I'm looking for something preferably under $100 and of fairly high quality. If you want to see what I have in mind, I threw together a reference for what I want it to look like: Also, do any...