1. M


    Did anyone thought about using a women's one piece swimsuit as a onesie? It seems fairly comfortable to me, as well as cute since it's very popular and has many designs...
  2. B

    Home-made onesie

    Hello everyone, I'm interested in making my own onesie. I've never done it before and I'm not a tailor neither. So I hope you guys could help, I would really appreciate help. The easies way to do it would be adjust the bigger size of regular T-shirt into onesie. However that doesn't look very...
  3. D

    Nappy Support

    Hey Guys and Gals Besides onesie T-Shirts, what else can be used to support a nappy. I have tried underwear but they seem too tight. I would love to get onesies but i cant get them in SA. Well adult size that is. SO i have a choice of importing them or making them or finding an alternative...
  4. tobdy1986

    Wore a diaper to work today!

    I have been covering for my coworker at the small office where we do business for the whole week. I decided since this is my last day of having the office to myself, that I would bring a diaper and onesie and change into them under my clothes after the guy who handles our shipping left at noon...
  5. kashi

    Onesie help

    Hello, Okay they're now out of business but I ordered a onesie from snaps4u long ago and have decided to see if anyone on the forums has the know how to help me with my issue and is feeling charitable. The onesie is sadly too short and has impeded my enjoyment of wearing it. It fits rather...
  6. nites

    Contest! Win a FREE Crinkle Crate!

    One of the most highly desired items from our survey results (other then diapers!) is stickers! So we've decided to run a contest for designs and the winners will receive a free Crinkle Crate! Have you ever wanted to design the front of a diaper? Want to wear a pirate themed diaper? Or maybe...
  7. rcane

    Onesies/bodysuits on Etsy

    So I have been scouring the internet in search for the best onesie. And what I am looking for is a high quality onesie with fabric in par with real baby onesies. I ended up on and found these three shops. Has anyone tried any of these? OnesiesDownunder NoraMadeMe BigTot
  8. Shyanne

    Onesie sizing?

    I need some help. So I ordered one from baby-pants but it's too big. Can't seem to return it. So I am gonna try to get another one. I measured myself though and am a little confused which one I should get. My measurements: Length: 35" Chest: 46" Waist: 42"
  9. HunterGreen2

    Hi, mature, life long, diapered sleep wetter, adult baby and now adult boy.

    I am retired and single. Only a few friends know I need to wear diapers to bed and I also use a pacifier and wear a onesie. I think it would be nice to get to know how others deal with the whole thing and problems to avoid. I have learned that I need to be responsible for as much of the work...
  10. NatetheDragon

    Onesies: Does anyone have a custom-made onesie?

    Hey, NatetheDragon here! I'm looking to have a onesie custom made! Where's the best place to get one? I'm looking for something preferably under $100 and of fairly high quality. If you want to see what I have in mind, I threw together a reference for what I want it to look like: Also, do any...
  11. SimCo

    Update on My Search for a Onesie and Plastic Pants

    A few months ago I posted a thread sharing my experience with shopping for anti-leak accessories, namely plastic pants and a onesie. The thread can be found here, but it is now closed. To recap, I bought a onesie from Baby Pants and a pair of plastic pants from Fetware. The onesie ended up...
  12. Sitherus

    why cant i find a onesie

    If I can buy a T-Shirt for 5 dollars or less made of cotton Or a night gown/dress cotton for 13 and less then why is it so hard to find a onesie for less than 40 dollars. Also whats wrong with clothing distributors. If your tall your fat.If your skinny your small. Im 6'6" and skinny 200 lbs I...
  13. xtrabulk

    Folding Footies

    Hi All, I love the footies Mom bought me, but I love my few AB items immaculately stored. To that end, I have no clue how to fold my long-sleeve footies. Any tips?
  14. SimCo

    Need Advice - Accessories to Prevent Leaks and Sagging

    So I wear disposables at home (mostly in bed at night), usually M4s or Molicare Super Plus, and I'm always anxious about the diaper leaking from normal use. I already have some boosters on the way, but my apprehension at night isn't so much about capacity as it is the integrity of the leg guards...
  15. BouncyBasi

    UK version of Snaps4U? (or other little clothes maker)

    Im from the UK so sadly ordering from Snaps4U would cost a fortune because of postage I was wondering if anyone knew of a simmilar company in the UK (Or Europe), that can do custom and/or premade little clothes such as onesies and shortalls I just can't fork out that sort of money for...
  16. T

    aidankid's patterns?

    It seems like he took all his stuff down... Anyone know how I could contact him/other ways to get his patterns? Failing that, where could I find other good onesie and/or romper patterns? Or instructions for how to scale up baby and kid-sized patterns? (Actually, if anyone has that, it'd be great...
  17. M

    Preventa Onesie & Kryptonite Body Suit Arrived

    Been curious for a good while on Preventa line of products. I've been wearing the onesie since this morning, its quite comfortable. It has two decent metal straps in the crotch and is a very stretchy material. I typically wear either baby pants or 4care (from xpmedical) ones. I am kind of...
  18. suede

    a good source for "work shirt" onesie?

    Hi everyone. I was searching for a good basic black t shirt onesie. Something i can wear to work and it just looks like im in a black t shirt thats tucked in. My big thing is that id really prefer a shirt with the pocket over the left breast, so i can carry my cigs and lighter. Im sure a lot...
  19. P

    Any Interest In a "Geek Chic AB/Littles Boutique"?

    Alright kids, SURVEY TIME!!! But first, a little backstory: Mommy's a fairly accomplished seamstress with her own costume/cosplay store online that's done some pretty decent business. Now, she's made me the odd bit of AB clothing over the past few years, and has gotten quite good at it, to the...
  20. PenguinGirl


    So, I've been thinking that I should get some onesies to help hold my diapers up both during the day and at night. The other morning I had on a cloth backed something... (I can't remember if it was a Molicare Super or a Abena M2) but I was going toward the bathroom when it just slipped over my...