1. T

    Older Sissies can redefine Housewife.

    While many older sissies are using current fashions and new generation clothing as their sissy expression, there are those who are bringing back the previous generation look... the look of the 1950's housewife. A good example would be the Househusband turned Housewife here...
  2. pottypal

    diapers are my lifestyle

    after being eviscerated i realized i had to pad up, or pee all over the furniture and car as i could no longer tell when i needed to go. i was unhappy about it for a couple of days until i realized that a really good quality adult diaper made me very happy. wearing them has been a joy, and...
  3. Miccheck


    Im just wondering like, how many of y'all are veteran ABDLs. Like, I've been into diapers and imagining things that were "way out of their appropriate context in reality" since way before puberty (lol). But I haven't even discussed it with another person, let alone wear one around them. I just...