1. Goodnites11

    Baby oil eats through diapers?

    I used baby oil for the first time last night instead of powder while wearing a tranquility atn. It seemed to hold up alright through the night, and after a couple wettings in the morning I decided it was time to shower. When I went to take the diaper off, I noticed that the leak guards had...
  2. D

    Diapers and Oil

    I've searched around a bit, but haven't really found anything about this.. A few times now, I've filled my diaper with baby- or olive oil. Baby oil is actually nicer, as it's got such a great smell. The whole thing gets slippery and it's incredibly arousing. Has anybody ever done that? And...
  3. jackalpup

    how is the oil spill affecting you

    i live in florida right next to it and thats all my teachers, news people, some friends are talking about i personaly feel that this was bound to happen eventualy and i heard that it will be empty by christmas i will miss having seafood :'(
  4. hen

    What stuff do you use to advoid diaper rashes and chaffing

    Okay, my problem is that I have tried baby power, baby oil, Walgreen's generic body locution and even Desitin. What product would be the best to avoid a rash and itching. I wear depends fitted Briefs and Walgreen's cloth back about a few times a week but I'll wear for days straight and then go...