1. Poofybutt

    Anyone Big on Comics

    Hey there, Was wondering if anyone else on the forum is big into reading comic books? Comic books are a staple of my entertainment when I am not in baby-mode. Some of my absolute favourites that I have read recently include the Image comics series' Headlopper, Royal City and Sex Criminals...
  2. M

    Being crafty

    Hey everyone, Today I'm here to bring up a subject in the "Off-Topic" section, & this subject is weird & unnecessary I apologize. Okay so does anyone like to get crafty? Anybody like to sew & make stuffed animals/dolls? Or sew to make clothes? Or use different tools & techniques to make...
  3. C

    Hows your day going?

    Theres so many frustrations from day to day and every once and a while if you take a step back and think, it turns out that every day is wonderful. Full of amazing people, personalities and experiences. ---- So to me even the days that dont seem too good I always say "great" But tell me, How is...
  4. Embrace

    Anyone like Nuketown?

    It's double xp weekend for all of you playing black ops and there's also that Nuketown 24/7 playlist. I love Nuketown but can't stand headquarters or sabotage but I still end up getting a lot of kills. Any thoughts from all you CoD fanboys?
  5. betagame

    Funny Pictures|Pics Thread

    I would like to know if there were any funny pictures you would post here Please post links if you are not 16, yet. The rules: No Porn or any of the sort. No put downs please. just not too much violence plz. were not kiddies (in our minds we are; some of us) The innapropriate level 1-10 about a...