1. Jossilyn

    Odd Snack Foods

    Who else here has snack foods that they LOVE but people may look at you oddly for munching on them? I adore plain lettuce and snap peas. I like that they have a cool crisp taste and that they are crunchy. <3 I always get weird looks in my family for just eating lettuce though. They always say...
  2. leffykit

    odd wetting habits

    Just curious, but does anyone else have odd wetting habits? I like many others have trouble wetting in diapers without forcing it somewhat and discovered a useful odd habit; ever since I was a kid the sound of running water has sparked the urge in me and I've never been able to shower without...
  3. Jewbacca

    Anyone else get these strange urges

    Dear Adisc.org, I sometimes find myself with these strange urges to tackle cars. I imagine myself charging full speed at a top heavy car and flipping it over. Or charging straight into it a causing a moose sized dent. Does anyone else get similar or even stranger urges? Sincerely, The...