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    28yo NYC guy here

    Hey all, I'm a young professional living in downtown NYC. I've had wetting issues off and on for which I wear diapers for. It's been a struggle at times, but I've also found myself enjoying aspects of wearing diapers over the years. I'm looking for other similar aged (20s - 30s) guys who also...
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    NYC diaperboy/big bro here!

    Hi boys and girls! I'm a 28 gay bloke in NYC checking out the site. There are so many great threads! I'm in a great LTR with my boyfriend and we live together. He knows all about my crinkley hobby but sadly isn't into the scene. ::sniff:: A few years ago, I was very much the diaperboy (going...
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    Incontinence Supply in NYC Area or Albany

    hello all. just moved between Albany and NYC. does any one know of a good supply store in these areas? i can order on line, but i don't mind going in somewhere and buying myself. it doesn't bother me considering i need them regardless. i like seeing what im buying, so i don't get stuck with...