1. C

    Nuk5 Air Flow Question

    So I recently purchased a Nuk5 from Baby Pants. It's in good condition, but one thing I did not expect is how slow the nipple reinflates while sucking on it. I've read in forum posts and online reviews that the Nuk5 sometimes makes a whistling or wheezing noise while sucking on it - which mine...
  2. TinyBabyHooves

    First NuK5 Dummy/Pacifier!

    I just bought my first dummy since I was toddler. It's an adorable baby blue and it fits perfectly in my mouth. I can't wait to get tucked into bed tonight and suck on it while cuddling my plushies! Just out of interest, when did you buy your first dummy/pacifier? And was it after you bough...
  3. Piplup

    When should pacifiers be replaced?

    So I've had my NUK 5 for almost a year and I sleep with it in my mouth on average a few nights a week. It has some small scratches on the latex, and it becomes opaque on the sides when it's put under pressure for hours. Is it time to order a new one? Also, does anyone know if Pacifiers R Us...
  4. Piplup

    I modified my NUK 5!

    So I bought a NUK 5 from Amazon a couple months ago and a pack of MAM glow pacis a couple days ago. I decided to combine the 3 to make my own modified NUK 5 :) Here's the basic steps of how I did it, for anyone that wants to know! But we warned, this is not an easy process. 1. Break shield and...
  5. DaddysToxxicBabyGirl

    Nuk Cherry Pop 6/Olive 6?

    I've looked around this site, and i can't seem to find anything about these two types of pacifiers. The Nuk cherry and olive teats. I own a Nuk5, but was considering the other two teats. Does anyone have any reviews/opinions on these? guardsize (reference, these have examples of the pacifiers...
  6. Huxley

    Hello Everyone!

    :) Hello everyone! :) This is a really nice and friendly community you all have going here. I just found ADISC about three weeks ago (yes, I did see the marshmallow thread :)), and put on a diaper for the first time since I was 7 only two weeks ago. But before I get into that, let me tell you...