1. tykeboy123

    Are nuks modifiable

    I’m just wondering if I can easily modify a nuk pacifier with an adult teet like I have with others ones before anyone have experience with this or is anybody able to mention some baby pacis that are easily modifiable thanx
  2. Lilbunny

    Question About Pacis

    So I have the option to buy a new paci and i got a little curious with the option of having a latex nub instead of a silicon one. Does anyone have any experience with latex nubs instead of silicon?
  3. Fullmetallittle

    Pacifier questions

    I am thinking about buying a baby pacifier but I am worried about misalignment. Any advice?
  4. EJay

    My first NUK 5!

    So the other day I was looking on ebay for pacifiers for my 10 week old baby girl and actually came across an ad for an all pink (my FAVORITE color!) NUK 5 paci for "big babies." I showed the hubby and let him know how much I would like to try the NUK 5 and he said "I'll think about it." Well...
  5. C

    First paci and bottle along with more diapers

    I went to cvs the other night and I decided to buy myself something I wasn't too sure If I wanted wipes so my diaper changes will be easier or a pacifier or a bottle...I found myself looking around the baby section for a good 5 minutes before I came to a decision I chose a NUK pacifier I think...
  6. littlediddysteve

    NUK 4 and 5 dummies (pacifiers)

    Basically I want to get one or the other in size. At the moment I use baby dummies 6 months plus. I'm worried that a NUK 5 would be too big? What do you think?
  7. mdg91

    Ordered a nuk 5... Nuk5 vs Nuk3??

    I do not know if this is the right place since i am not a AB or DL. But i do use a pacifier, and is pretty addicted to it at times. I use it because it calm me down, and is a good stressrelief, than again started using it do to trouble breathing to my nose at night, and to learn how to breath...
  8. B

    Giant NUK

    I saw one of these online - and found a shop to buy them but now can't find the link - any ideas guys?
  9. D

    First AB/DL online order

    So I'm making my first online order and I'm pretty nervous about it. My cart consists of the following: -2 Pack of Nuk 3 pacis -Gerber First Essential 5 ounce bottle -6 pack of Gerber First Essential Fast flow nipples -1 12 pack of tranquility ATNs My order total is about $24, so if anyone has...
  10. DaddysToxxicBabyGirl

    Nuk Cherry Pop 6/Olive 6?

    I've looked around this site, and i can't seem to find anything about these two types of pacifiers. The Nuk cherry and olive teats. I own a Nuk5, but was considering the other two teats. Does anyone have any reviews/opinions on these? guardsize (reference, these have examples of the pacifiers...
  11. Altric

    I don't really associate AB stuff with my normal facebook account, but this was an ad at the side. I checked it out. You can get 3 personalized pacifiers, with up to 3 lines of personalization for $15 in either silicone or latex, your choice. I think it is decent for 3 personalized ones. Has...
  12. Altric

    Paci while driving

    Alright, let me start off by saying that I have a habit of chewing on straws. My friends are always asking why I do it, but it is just something I do while driving a lot. Anyway today I was out with a group of friends because we were going to see Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood of Make-Believe (which...
  13. Diapered Rabbit

    If you like to use baby bottles, what kinds/brands are your favorites?

    :bunny: (Feel free to add info in this thread as this may not be the definitive treatise on this topic, by any means). From time to time, I like to drink warmed milk from a baby bottle. I have quite a large collection of various kinds and certainly have favorites. Baby bottles, two main...