nuk medic pro

  1. Kid

    NUK® Adult Pacifier - United States (available soon)

    NUK® Professional Medical Products – available soon in the U.S. More than 50 years ago, NUK set the standard in supporting baby’s oral development. As such, NUK offers a special product line, designed for moms and babies during postnatal hospital care. The NUK MedicPro line, featuring hospital...
  2. P

    I got my Nuk 5 today!

    I ordered from Pacifiersrus a nuk 5 teat placed on a MaM Glow In The Dark blue shield with a little moon and star on it. I have had it in my mouth since I got it! Such a difference in size than baby pacis. For the first real time I felt extremely soothed when I put it in my mouth...because it...