nuk 5

  1. dbcl92

    Objective review of some Adult Pacifiers

    I'm not a "frequent" user of adult pacifiers, but I've purchased a few over the years. If I'm feeling especially little, I'll pop one in for an hour here or there. For me, they make good props for photos and I occasionally enjoy the feeling. Over the years I've gone from grocery store genuine...
  2. PaciPrincesss

    Paci troubles

    Hi everyone! I know I don't post on here very often but, I need some advice or maybe someone who's had a similar experience. I've been having some issues with pacifiers for a few years now, I used to use the nuk 3 (18-36 months) a few years back. I have those up because I could tell they were...
  3. BayB8

    NUK Pacifier Comparison Help

    I am interested in trying a pacifier and have been poking around the site to see which one people suggest. It seems NUK 5 or 6 is the most common. I'm just not sure which I should get. I looked them both up on amazon and Nuk 5 seemed to be pretty inexpensive $12.99, but then the Nuk 6 was like...
  4. H

    England nuk 5 and bottle

    I'm looking to find a place online to buy a NUK 5 and possibly a bottle as well but with a sort of delivery like collect+ so it isn't posted to my house but to a place i pick it up as I live at home with my mother.
  5. bvb123

    MAM Nuk 5 Pacifier

    Calling all MAM lovers! Anyone know where I can get a modified MAM Nuk 5 pacifier from? I'm not bothered about colours or anything but preferably a silicone one :paci:
  6. bvb123

    NUK 5 Question

    Ok so I finally wanna buy a NUK 5 however I am very very paranoid about being caught, especially if my parents get it through the mail and realise what it is I've ordered. So I have a few questions before I actually buy one What is the packaging for a NUK 5 like? Like if it comes through the...
  7. EJay

    My first NUK 5!

    So the other day I was looking on ebay for pacifiers for my 10 week old baby girl and actually came across an ad for an all pink (my FAVORITE color!) NUK 5 paci for "big babies." I showed the hubby and let him know how much I would like to try the NUK 5 and he said "I'll think about it." Well...
  8. littlediddysteve

    NUK 4 and 5 dummies (pacifiers)

    Basically I want to get one or the other in size. At the moment I use baby dummies 6 months plus. I'm worried that a NUK 5 would be too big? What do you think?
  9. M

    I need help on deciding...

    So I have about 3 MAM pacifiers (the 6+ month ones) and I really love them, but like most people have established, they're too small for my mouth. My mouth is quite small naturally, but... Whenever I try to sleep with one, it falls out and I find it on the floor. My teeth also shift, though it...
  10. Piplup

    New Paci Mod Guide

    This is for all the DIY pacifier modifiers out there! You may recall a post I made a while back about how to take apart a MAM pacifier for modification. The problem with this method is that it can cause damage to the guard...
  11. Kid

    NUK® Adult Pacifier - United States (available soon)

    NUK® Professional Medical Products – available soon in the U.S. More than 50 years ago, NUK set the standard in supporting baby’s oral development. As such, NUK offers a special product line, designed for moms and babies during postnatal hospital care. The NUK MedicPro line, featuring hospital...
  12. Takkun

    Questing about "whistling" Nuk 5?

    So I was on the pacifiersrus site looking at the modded Nuk 5s. I came across this in the description "You can even hear the whistle sound of air when you squeeze the tip end of the nipple through the guard of the pacifier." Now my first thoughts were, why would you want that? Is that something...
  13. P

    I think I found some cheap Nuk 5's... Click Adult Nuk's on the left side Scroll down until you see Adult Twins, they're both made from Nuk 5 nipples on a neat looking shield. 9,95 Euros equals up to a little over $12 USD. For two. That seems like a pretty good deal. If anyone's ordered from this site before...
  14. P

    I got my Nuk 5 today!

    I ordered from Pacifiersrus a nuk 5 teat placed on a MaM Glow In The Dark blue shield with a little moon and star on it. I have had it in my mouth since I got it! Such a difference in size than baby pacis. For the first real time I felt extremely soothed when I put it in my mouth...because it...