1. skunk053

    I have a question

    What would be the best Linux distribution that can be run from a flash drive on a notebook with a 64-bit processor? Any answers with links to said distributions are very much appreciated. :pizza: (having pizza today lol)
  2. MondoX44

    HELP! Getting a new notebook. Which Linux distro should I use?

    I'm getting a Lenovo Edge 14 AMD (x64) notebook , and I want to try to install Linux on it. I've been hearing mixed things about different Lenovo Edge models for different distros. Which distro should I use? I've been thinking about going with Mandriva, Mint, or Sabayon, but I really don't...
  3. Princess_Mandy

    Computer sugestion for me anyone?

    Well I have an HP notebook but I'm going to have to buy a new Notebook for college. Whats y'alls suggestions on a really good Notebook to buy? Reasons I have to buy a new one is... Reason 1: I'm just about out of hard drive on it (Came w/ 30 GBs now it only has 2.45 GBs left) Reason 2: I need...