1. BlankyBoyAUS

    Does anyone here play educational games?

    I recall being a kid playing a number of Madeline, Sesame Street, Thomas the Tank Engine, Reader Rabbit, Math Munchers, etc. games on the PC and I remember Elmo’s Number Journey and Letter Adventure (I had the N64 cartridge for the latter game) for N64 and PS1. I realize just how fun it is to...
  2. M

    Computer Nostalgia Thread

    Thought this would be a cool thread, I have a few photos of old-school stuff (like myspace,, dd-wrt, teamspeak, hex-editing wolfenstein: ET, old video cards:
  3. I

    Any classic children's video games you fondly remember?

    If this thread has already been covered feel free to direct me to it. Being interested in ABDL and Diaperfur stuff I remembered some of the children's computer games I played as a little boy. Most of these were Edmark games that were endless hours of fun. These include: - Thinkin Things 1 & 2...