1. N

    Hi there

    Hi! My name i nosense, was going to call myself noNsense, but that was taken. I'm a Norwegian diaper lover. Right now I'm wearing a Abena Abri-Form M4. I think you get a bit tired of just diaper-talk, so I can tell you things about me that is not diaper related! :-) I'm 20-25 years old, live...
  2. B

    Funny thing about norway!

    I just found out a little thing about Norway (where I'm from). There is actually a law forbidding taking pictures of yourself wearing a diaper or dressed like a person under 18 years old (of course only sexual pictures), and distributing it in any way! :o If you break this law, you may be...
  3. B

    Diapers in norway

    I'm writing this thread in English so everyone understands what I'm looking for! Well, as most of you know, Norway is a pretty small country, socialist-country btw. So there are a lot of regulations regarding medical-things - for instance incontinence diapers. So, what am I looking for? Good...
  4. NahSon

    Funny Norwegian trend - The OnePiece jumpsuit

    Basically this has caught on like a virus in Norway. You'll see people wearing this pretty much everywhere, at home, in public and at school. it all started as a laughing matter, people thought it was a joke. It really caught on strong though... As they say on their site: "Tight jeans and...