1. keepitonDL

    Large mega max small body

    I’m relatively small , and very peculiar about the tape and fit . I like it going slightly above my belly button, just everything snug. I also got north shore light supreme large The mediums again just felt really lowrise but not in the back. I’m a small in pants though, did I...
  2. kashi

    Confidry / NS Supreme / BetterDry / Tykables Little Builder comparison

    HI I am looking to wear more at night/during the day. I am not looking to do anything crazy, but I want something more affordable since I've been buying Tykables exclusively for a long while now, and I'm wondering if I can get a better price. I'm looking for a comparison between the four in the...
  3. NorthShoreAdam

    NorthShore Supreme Lite Colors Pre-Stash is In!

    We'll be shipping the bags to the "guess the color" contest winners on Tuesday December 18th. There are still two that haven't responded with address info. Check your ADISC inbox for details if you were one of the winners. Before tonight, I had only seen a purple one in person and thought it...
  4. NorthShoreAdam

    NorthShore CYBER Sale: 15% Off ALL CRINKLZ Prints + Dotty Pony, Thru Dec 7th, 2018

    To order, see
  5. NorthShoreAdam

    Guess the New Supreme Lite Colors & Win a Free Bag from Pre-Stash*

    Happy to announce our designs are now finalized for the new color options of the NorthShore Supreme Lite Briefs! We're on track to have these available for sale in about 90 days...i.e. before the end of 2018 if all goes well. There will be 3 new colors produced initially, and in sizes Medium...
  6. NorthShoreAdam

    Donations Needed by NC Diaper Bank for Hurricane Florence Victims - NorthShore Will Pay for Shipping Send to: North Carolina Diaper Bank 1311 East Club Blvd. Durham NC 27704 NorthShore is sending over 500 cases of diapers and wipes to support the Florence victims. If...
  7. NorthShoreAdam

    Flash Sale Extended thru Labor Day, 10% off Crinklz & Dotty @ NorthShore!

    Valid now through Monday September 3, 2018! (No exceptions - Valid until midnight Central US time) 10% Off All Crinklz patterns/sizes and Pink Dotty Pony Diapers!! Coupon Code is REQUIRED: CRD83 Phone orders eligible as well.
  8. NorthShoreAdam

    Flash Sale * Today Only * 10% Off All Crinklz & Dotty Diapers

    Today, August 31, 2018 Only!!! (No exceptions - Valid until midnight Central US time) 10% Off All Crinklz patterns/sizes and Pink Dotty Pony Diapers!! Coupon Code is REQUIRED: CRD83 Phone orders eligible as well.
  9. NorthShoreAdam

    FedEx Hold at Pickup Location now Live on

    I'm excited to announce that we've finally launched "FedEx Hold at Location" as an option in checkout on our website! Now you can pick up your packages at your convenience at the FedEx pickup location of your choice. There are many locations to choose from including Walgreens, Krogers, Walmart...
  10. NorthShoreAdam

    4Care Bodysuit Diaper Covers w/ Snap Crotch Now at NorthShore! 100% cotton onesie style diaper cover in 7 sizes and 2 colors (navy blue and white). Sizes available to fit waists 31 inches up to 48 inches. These are nice to wear over NorthShore Supreme...
  11. NorthShoreAdam

    Dotty Pink Pony Diapers Now In-Stock at NorthShore! Save $5 on $50+ Order w/ Code FOURTH

    Hey Bronies!?!?! The pink Dotty Pony diapers are now available at NorthShore and are ready to ship! Please let us know how you like them. Now's a great time to give them a try and save $5 on $50+ order using coupon code FOURTH which is valid thru 7/14/18 (one use per customer).
  12. NorthShoreAdam

    New Crinklz Patterns In-Stock! 15% Intro Sale on New Patterns thru 5/9/18

    New Special Edition Crinklz Astronaut and Aquanaut Patterns exclusively at NorthShore for Pre-Launch! See pictures of patterns at: 15% off New patterns thru May 9th coupon pricing on website at...
  13. NorthShoreAdam

    Crinklz & BetterDry Sale at NorthShore! 2 Weeks Only

    We've just been resupplied finally with more Crinklz and BetterDry briefs and we're celebrating by offering 5% off on for two weeks only...thru April 20, 2018. COUPON CODE: CBD5 Shop for Crinklz at...
  14. kashi

    Northshore Deal

    Hello! Two things, 1) Northshore is currently having a 50% off sale code is XCLUSV 2) Should I take advantage of it? I haven't posted on here in awhile, but I'm conflicted. I've still got a pack and a half or so of ABU lavenders+Space and I've been rationing them out. My main conflict is...
  15. dlguy4life

    NorthShore Supreme Briefs VS. Abena Abri‑Form Classic Briefs

    I prefer my diapers to be as thick and crinkly as possible. So I have always bought the Abena M4's however, I have seen reviews online how thick and crinkly the NorthShore Supreme Briefs are. I obviously have never tried the NorthShore Supreme Briefs, are they that much better than the Abena...
  16. ArchtopK

    Turns out $1.60 is a good number

    So, my current line up consists of BetterDry as my morning and late evening diaper. Northshore Supreme is my in and out daytime diaper and Molicare super plus is my sleeping diaper. These all turn out to be about $1.60 ea. Have soft quiet plastic, 4 second chance white on blue style tapes. As I...
  17. Vapor

    Northhore Supreme Review

    As with all of us ABDL's we are all on the constant search for the perfect diaper. Does Northshore have what it takes to make the cut? I rate diapers on a 10 point scale explained bellow Construction Comfort Absorbency Durability Loudness Construction 9/10: This diaper is a tad shorter than a...
  18. NorthShoreAdam

    NorthShore Supreme Briefs (Plastic Backed) Size Small Available

    Our size small NorthShore Supreme Briefs are finally in stock and ready to ship. Thanks to all of you who have recommended we add this size which is very hard to find in other brands. Samples available upon request. Size small is our model 1228 and available online at...
  19. kashi

    NorthShore Supreme/Tena Slip Maxi/Dry 24/7

    So I've tried Dry 24/7 almost through a full case at this point and I'm looking to get more probably around April. My question is which of the three listed is the best? 24/7's have a good plastic shell and they are absorbent, but I wish they felt thicker. I've never tried Tena Slip and Bambino...
  20. Llayden

    NorthShore Supreme = Aced Finals!!!

    So, today I had one of my final exams. It was about three hours long, I had a couple bottles of water in the hour or so leading up to it and one Diet Coke during the exam. I knew that I wouldn't make it through the test without having to get up once or twice, and I hate that. It always breaks...