north carolina

  1. P

    Hello from North Carolina!

    Hey all! I'd love to say hello from Raleigh! Especially to any friends nearby! We should talk! Email me back! C
  2. GiovanniCotonecoda

    Giovanni's Intro

    Hi! ^////^ My name is Davin [My fursona's name is Giovanni Cotonecoda.], and I am a Christian diaperfur from Richlands, NC. I love most music, video games, and people, but not all varieties. ^////////^
  3. ultrapampers

    Video: Attends Factory Tour

    ATTENDS Plant Tour 4/14/2011 on Vimeo
  4. Vexxer10

    oh no im a lurker

    my shy ways has placed me as a lurker, honestly i don't know how to blog and what are threads, i have been busy reading all the ab-dl stories this site has to offer, there is a plethora of talent in that field. I'm Bryan i have been a abdl of course starting out as a tb dl and didn't know what...
  5. W


    Greetings everyone, I am a diaper lover living in North Carolina. I wear almost every night and a lot of the time during the day too. One of the things I like almost as much as wearing diapers is buying them. I wilhave to relate some of my stories in the forums later. My account on myspace...