1. ThePenguinLover

    Some Questions for more... experienced veterans!

    Hi, so although I am new to this site (I had no IDEA there were forums specifically for ABDLs?) I have been a Diaper Lover for YEARS. (Like 7-8) And as a noob beginner, I have some questions. (Literally, have had no opportunity to wear diapers up until now.) 1. I ordered some Abena Abri-Foam...
  2. Tremer

    looking for ab friends :)

    hey im a young adult in Ontario, canada. im kinda just looking for some people that are like me. either in my area or even just online. ask me a question!
  3. A

    no idea what to put here

    sooo, call me alex, i'm working on being an electrical engineer, dl, possibly ab, and mostly here looking for help, new to the whole diaper thing and doing so on a budget. been here for a bit and really like the comunity.:sweatdrop:
  4. Blacktailthefox

    Tips for wearing cloth diapers?

    I have been considering buying a set of towels and some strong safety pins to use as a makeshift set of cloth diapers so in case I run out of disposables I'll still have something around to wear if I have the desire to, is this a good idea? Any tips for a newbie to going cloth? (I.e. where to...
  5. ibeadorkable

    Hi, I'm Ashley

    To say this is a bit daunting in an understatement! So, since I'm so nervous I can't think clearly, I'm just going to be creative and use the introduction template. :sweatdrop: I'm fairly shy, until you get to know me and then I'm just moody so you never know what to expect. I have a BA in...
  6. Jossilyn

    New to the site and a little shy.

    Hello everybody. I'm Jossilyn, and for those wondering no its not my real name. =) If you play video games on the internet you might have seen me running around, I'm a semi-rare species called a "girl-gamer". I'm here because I've been doing some soul searching lately and wondering "who exactly...
  7. C


    Hi everybody I guess I should have introduced myself the first day I sighned on this site since I got blocked from the site from not doing so. Well my hobbies and interests are playing xbox, wrestling , football, working out, tv, and hanging out with friends. So I guess I'm pretty much an almost...
  8. Pistorio79

    bonjour! from new mexico

    hello my name is pistorio79. i was referred here by darthkitfox and thought i'd join the adisc community/familia. i am not really into ab or becoming a furry, but i DO support the furries and love the culture and the people and i think they are all just wonderful and unique. I currently reside...
  9. bluehusky

    hello im new

    my name is jon and im a baby fur and i like to talk and work on computers and servers and if any one need help i can help them:thumbsup: