1. jguy

    The awesome crackling crinkling sound of plastic pants

    Personally, I LOVE my noisy, crinkling, crackling Gary Euroflex plastic pants and bloomers. Having slight exhibitionist tendencies I especially find it awesome to wear them in public when I go out in diapers – whether in the local stores, supermarkets, malls, restaurants etc. I realize this...
  2. T

    help choosing diapers!!!

    Hey im looking to place an order for some diapers. In the past i have used Tena Supers, Depend overnights, Attends and store brands. I like the tenas because they are thick and i like the attends because they are noisy. Help me choose between 1) tranquility atn 2) molicare super plus 3)...
  3. N

    Plastic pants question

    So due to the long term cost of disposables, I'm considering getting a hold of a couple of cloth diapers and some plastic pants, so I can reuse my stash. Problem is, I love disposables mostly because of the wonderful crinkle they make. I want my plastic pants to be the same way. I went on a...