1. L


    Hi everyone. Just wanted to give a quick intro about myself. My name Jake, I'm 21 years old, and I'm currently a junior at Yale University. I'm currently studying to become a physician one day and have lots of academic and extra-curricular interests that I spend a lot of time practicing and...
  2. CrinklesTheBunny

    Aww So Cute and The Rubber Nipple Website

    I posted a while back about how Aww So Cute making the whole AB thing more sexual. This new Rubber Nipple website which they host, is definitely sexually based. Isn't there enough sites out there that are sexual based depicting women as wanna be AB's. Personally I find it a slap in the face to...
  3. neonnoodle

    Discontinued Pacifiers

    It's always been hard to find baby pacifiers that fit an adult mouth, but to my surprise the new Avent Advanced 6-18m pacifiers are just the thing. They have a large shield with a winged orthodontic nipple that feels huge in the mouth. They're not super babyish, for us non-ABs out there, but...
  4. AmberBulb95

    A good bottle?

    I've tried using bottles in the past and again recently, I really like them but I can't find a teat that feels comfortable, which is understandable because they are only made for infants who can't eat solid food. Does anyone know where I can buy some really comfortable, cherry latex teats...
  5. RoamingHermit

    Horray for AMAZON!

    Hehehe I am sooo giggly right now :giggles: I just bought; Baby Pants Adult Pacifier - Baby Blue, 2 of: Baby Pants Adult Onezie - Extra Large Blue Dinosaur, Baby Pants White Pull on Plastic Pants - Large, and a Baby Pants Adult Nipple for Baby Bottle! It was my first time ordering anything...
  6. C

    Makeshift Bottle

    **The title is supposed to be "Makeshift Bottle" not makshift.** I've seen plenty of threads about makeshift diapers, but not any about makeshift bottles. I've managed to rig myself a bottle. :) I posted before about how the old baby bottles got thrown out before I could sneak them away. (I...