1. Sleepo

    "Ninjamas" seem to finally be available in Europe

    Hello there, I've somewhat randomly stumbled upon diapers listings on different Amazon european websites and it seems like Ninjamas are finally available in Europe, albeit under a different name. Some of you may already know that Pampers doesn't exist in Spain and is instead called "Dodot"...
  2. Cambridgeone

    New Goodnites XL & L and Ninjamas L/XL on eBay UK for those in UK/ Europe who wish to try them :)

    I've ordered the XLs from this seller before, nice discreet packaging and I could get delivered to a local shop for pickup! :) Goodnites XLs Goodnites Ls Ninjama L/XLs
  3. JohnQDiaper

    Make boosters from Pampers Ninjamas, Easy Ups, and 360° fit

    For anyone who has an excess of new Pampers products laying around, they can be fairly easily converted into boosters. All of the Pampers pull up style products are designed the same way. The included pictures are from the 5-6T Easy Ups I found at Target a couple days ago. All you need is a...