1. yfront

    Improvised bed protection

    Had anyone got any ideas about how to improvise a waterproof bed pad? Previously I've used an old towel or clothing with a rubbish bag or, better, an old waterproof coat underneath, but it isn't very comfortable to sleep on. (And I find it hard to sleep on a diaper night at the best of times.)
  2. S

    tomorrow will start 24/7

    So it looks like I'm going to be in the 24/7 club sooner than I anticipated. Yes I'm a DL but I'm also IC. I decided to go no diaper for a while this evening only to have leaked quite a bit on the couch. I immediately cleaned it up. But being a brand new 24/7er what do I get to look...
  3. TyphaHare

    New Mydiaper for Nighttime

    I was randomly window-shopping and noticed a new type of cute AB diapers!! Have I just not heard from them before? They were in the new section of the website...
  4. D

    Help needed please :S

    Hi First off i'm sorry i haven't been posting at all recently life is soo hectic atm, hopefully it'll calm down soon. Anyways I was wondering if anyone could help me. I wear drynites to bed every night yet when i wake up the sides have split. I purchased a pack that did this a while back but...