1. J

    Messing diaper at night

    Hi everyone. I have a three questions Do you mess your diaper at night, if so is it voluntarily or involuntarily? Also since I have no control over my bowel, if I wake up in the middle of the night messy do I change before hopping back into bed? I realise this depends (pun intended) on how...
  2. A

    Good to see so many people here

    Hi, I am Adam and I’ve just joined. I am UK guy of 30. I have had bedwetting problems for a lot of my life. I wet regularly until my mid teens and then after a dry period it came back a few years ago. I am now back to pretty much every night. Not had a great deal of luck with medical...
  3. NorthShoreAdam

    NorthShore Supreme Briefs (Plastic Backed) Size Small Available

    Our size small NorthShore Supreme Briefs are finally in stock and ready to ship. Thanks to all of you who have recommended we add this size which is very hard to find in other brands. Samples available upon request. Size small is our model 1228 and available online at...
  4. S

    New and looking for advice!

    Hi there. I am a 52 year old woman looking for other women my age who need to and/or enjoy wearing diapers. I do need to wear them at night as I do wet the bed at times. I have been using disposables for that but it doesn't happen a lot (but I confess I like when it does) so I would like to...
  5. C

    Good morning/afternoon/evening, adisc people.

    Hey there. My name's Comett. I'm kind of new to the whole internet forum thing so try to bear with me. I was born and raised in Queensland, Australia, and I live with my parents (but I have a lock on my door so it's really like living alone only in a very small house, with my parents as my...
  6. D

    Paci + Changing Mat

    Quick couple of questions... I currently have a baby dummy (Paci) that I use a night, is it worth updating to an adult one? Also just using baby changing mats currently, is it worth changing to an adult one? Cheers
  7. xtrabulk

    Possible Bedwetting Solution (for those who want to pee in their sleep)

    Hi Gang, Say, without really trying, I've had some success with wetting in my sleep. Now, this is something I've wanted to do, but wasn't really trying to do. I'll keep this short and sweet, but would really like feedback if it works for anyone else. It's safe, non-invasive and has worked 2/5...
  8. Z

    Wake up with erection and wet bed

    Hello, Have somebody the expirience and or sollution for: Regulary I wake up with a morning erection. The problem is that the diaper is to small and I wet myself because the diaper is not high enoughf in the front. I use always medium size (Tena slip maxi, Euron form super plus). Once I have...
  9. Littleabgirl

    Baby night - what shall we do?

    Well, Daddy has said that he'd be interessted in baby-ing me again and he's bought me some AB things for christmas, so I was wondering, what shall we do on baby night? Usually it will be lots of snuggles, nappy checks, occasionally a bottle, always my dummy and more snuggles (Love snuggling...
  10. kalynnharvey

    I only have 1 pair of pajamas in my house. Please advice

    Im not a sissy but I have a kind of girly babyish pair of pajama bottoms that my sister used to own. Should I wear them over my diaper at night or just wear the diaper? Im not too worried about anybody finding out. They are fleece and very comfortable.
  11. kalynnharvey

    Parents Finding Out

    What are the chances of my parents or siblings walking into my bedroom while im sleeping and finding out that im wearing just a diaper to bed? I wear them to bed just by themselves alot. My house is usually dark and when you look in my room at night. I don't have any lights. Should I continue...
  12. A

    Night time....

    I wondered how many people have to change during the night?.. Or if your nappy lasts until the morning?.. Normally when I nappy Alex up for bed (usually about 10pm) the nappy lasts until the morning - albeit it's is absolutely soaked! However, Friday night.. We got ready for bed as usual, Alex...
  13. cooro

    Friday nights!

    What do you do for fun if you dont go out on friday nights and if you do go out, what do you do? (you can also put what you do on saturday nights aswell) ---------- Post added at 05:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:44 PM ---------- me myself i will usally hang out with frineds and go...