1. Hotdog55

    Super Bowl

    Who do you want? As a Giants fan I don't have a dog in this fight, but I think it would be nice for the Falcons to win their first championship, plus I get tired of the same team always winning so if the patriots lose I'm fine with that. I know there's some patriots fans on here, any Falcons...
  2. G

    Favorite Football Team?

    I don't think this has been posted in awhile, but what football team do you guys rep/support? I'm talking about American NFL football, not European football. I've played soccer and I like it a lot and lettered 3 years for High School, but I don't think as many people really pay attention to it...
  3. Rocky

    Packers vs Seahawks Ref fiasco

    Did anyone else see the Packer Seahawk game tonight? Naturally, as a Cheesehead, I'm absolutely pissed at the refs and the NFL. First, there was blatant pass interference, and the Packer CB Jennings clearly had possession of the ball before Seahawks' Tate. Your thoughts on the game and the ref...