1. O

    Lurker turning contributor

    Hello. I guess this is my "welcome to the club" post. I'm looking forward to joining in the conversations and possibly making some eFriends here. ;) I'm a mid-30-something AB. I'm married and have five kids, all under 10 (no twins). I've known I was an AB (though not that term) for as long as I...
  2. M

    Suggestion ADSIC-First Impression (site alteration idea)

    First of all, I am very much aware that we don't have someone available for coding as of yet. I would simply like to get some 'air-time' and feedback on this idea, that I just hatched out, in the following thread. From...
  3. T

    New kid on the block.

    Hey! I'm J - I'm new here as you'd probably guessed. I'm relatively new to AB play and I have until recently kept it a very big secret. I'm looking to meet new people and see where i fall on the age range with play. Aside from AB. I'm a Cute Gay Cub with a play partner (Haven't played AB as...
  4. F


    so I'm floweryhay. I'm 20 and from GA and I've been into this for most of my life.
  5. CharlieBear

    I'm a newbie, helping newbies..

    So I just joined up yesterday but I'm already getting the hang of things around here and I started to help out other new members by responding to their introductions.. it feels good to help out! :) Anyone ever done this? :cool:
  6. turtleie

    This is for all the newbies!

    Okay, I'm not sure this is quite the right place for this thread, but I figured this is where it would be most viewed, and I couldn't find a more fitting place to put it. if it is out of place, please move it to an appropriate spot. Thanks. Lately it seems that ADISC is being overrun with...
  7. Valerian1992

    Howdy from TN!!!!!!!!!

    Hey everyone, my name's David and I am born and raised in Knoxville, TN. Any wrestlers on here? Cause im training for a D-1 NCAA School and always like to talk to other wrestlers. GO MOCS!!!!!!!!! Thats University Of Tennesee Chattanooga for those that dont know. :biggrin:
  8. SweetPinkCaramel

    Hey Everyone!

    I am new, I have gotten a few pms. I am new to all of this, but I have a pretty big imagination, and you can check my stories out. I have a good writing background, and I love writing, I like posting too. Thanks, and I'm sure I will make many friends, and have fun!
  9. B


    I was introduced here by another user, who has been here for awhile.... and I don't want to be a total stranger here, so... Hi ya'll! LOL. :) I don't bite. I'm not hungry. LOL JK JK. I joke around a lot... once you get to know me, you can see when I'm serious and when I'm joking.
  10. Moo

    Making a good First Impression

    Here's my very short list of tips for how you can make the best first impression on ADISC: Be honest. You don't have to give out any information you don't want to, but it is very important that what you do say is the truth. Tell us about your non-AB/DL/TB/IC interests! We want to get a sense...
  11. BabyHeroSakura

    Helloo peoples! I'm new

    Hi my names wolfy(aka irvin) I'm new to this website. And so far i pretty much like this web. Anyway I'm into some sports like swimming soccer, tennis, and wrestling. I like to play soccer for fun. I also like to draw, plant, garden, and video games. I especialy like to play video games. I'm...