1. P

    Relative Newbie Needs Tips

    I have a few questions about my AB/BF life that may be answered here: 1) Where can I order AB supplies like pacifiers, bottles, etc.? I would also like AB fashions (onsies, feeted pajamas, etc.) 2) Where can I get clothes for stuffed animals? Build A Bear doesn't have enough options for baby...
  2. Scribbles

    At a late hour, and from a tired writer.

    Hullo and g'day to all who cross this way. Friends call me 'Scribbles', and I have been incontinent since November 2010 because of an odd chain of events resulting from a bad motorbike accident. A friend of mine suggested diapers, and I found I rather enjoy them. Quite a bit, actually! Aside...
  3. P

    Small Fry

    Hello all. I am a little nervous but I will keep this short and sweet. I started to wet the bed at age 21. I since have wandered down the ABDL path and would like to walk with others down the “padded” path. I have many more interests than just diapers. You might be able to tell by my SN I am a...
  4. Apexxx

    Hello there!

    Hey there! I love to do anything I can to stay active and hate it when i regularly can't be apart of a sports team. I have played soccer all my life and have loved every bit of it. I have lived in many different countries over my lifetime and soccer seems to have been the only sport to be played...
  5. A

    How do you put on and wear a diaper?

    Okay, I've read stuff about wearing diapers but I've never actually worn one. And somewhat surprisingly I've never seen anyone changed in my entire life. I don't know how to prep or what else I need besides the item in question. I have no idea. I mean I heard something about baby powder...
  6. EvanNibbler

    Hallo evry1!

    Hey ADISC! I'm Evan and i have been snooping around the site for a year or few and finally decided to get an account. I play some Lacrosse, golf, and a little, itsi-bitsi amount of tennis (both of the table and full-court species). I enjoy drawing, graphics design, 3D Modelling (preferred...
  7. Benji

    Hello all! First time on here:)

    Hello everybody! I'm BabyScrat. I tried really hard not to steal anybodies username so if i came to close please tell me and I'll make the change. I read the sticky so I'll write more and hopefully not bore you. if it's good maybe I'll be lazy and copy it to my profile :) I'm 22 years old and...
  8. morphydatiger

    hewo and stuff

    hewo every one on this wonderful site. been lurking for a bit and decided to post a introduction for every one to see. im not to great at these kinds of things so ill give it my best. ^.^ so lets start of with the basic things. 1. I'm a 25 year old going on 2 or 3. can never make up my mind...
  9. B


    I was introduced here by another user, who has been here for awhile.... and I don't want to be a total stranger here, so... Hi ya'll! LOL. :) I don't bite. I'm not hungry. LOL JK JK. I joke around a lot... once you get to know me, you can see when I'm serious and when I'm joking.
  10. K

    Greetings Everyone

    Hello everyone i'm new and thought i'd introduce myself. I am quite shy and this is the first time posting a thread and talking to strangers but we are all one family so it's okay. I just recently got a girlfriend and i told her about my "interests", she was absolutly fine about it and said she...
  11. iPampers

    What's up...

    :sweatdrop: Well my name is Joey. I come from the sunshine state. I would say my hobbies and interests include playing guitar and music composition(trance and techno as well), film and video, and basketball of course. LAKERS! Well I just graduated from high school, class of 2010, :graduate:and...
  12. GoodniteTeen

    Wanting to learn more about the Furrie community.

    So as you can already tell, I'm new. I'm a DL, and already know enough about it. I don't understand the furry community very well though. Could someone reply with a personal statement about what it's mainly about and how it relates to the DL community? I'm just curious. :P
  13. maximilian

    Greetings from old Germany

    Hello Folks, well i am not new in this Forum, but this is my first posting. I am verry interested in good diaper storries as they are posted in this Forum. Some off Topic: Is anyone in the USA watching the soccer WM ? Your Max
  14. Green

    Howdy, It's a pleasure to meet you all.

    Hi there I'm Green or you can call me Johnny. Sorry for not posting an introduction post up until now lol I didn't know how to start a thread up until now. Well lets see about me... Well I'm very interested in architecture plan on being an Architect as a future career, I love drawing, I enjoy...
  15. boch121

    Hello adisc

    Well from as far back as i remember (4?) i always liked the feeling of diapers and when i was 12 i started to do some googling and discovered i wasn't alone. So at 15 i decided to join a good tb site and i found this after some research. I enjoy gaming, reading, and running for school.
  16. iPlushie

    I'm iPlushie

    Hi, I'm new to ADISC and I've always been a DL (although I didn't learn about it until just a few years ago) and you could say I am part TB because I love my plushies and I simply cannot get to bed without them. I have ps3 and xbox 360 so ask if you want my ID. I've had a couple of experiences...
  17. F

    My Introduction ^^

    Hi there :sweatdrop: well I'm a 17 year old TB/DL and like a lot of people here I'm somewhat shy and insecure or at least in real life. This is my first time on a forum so be sure to let me know if there are any mistakes.:detective3 Im a big fan of video games, enjoy drawing and though rare I...
  18. leffykit

    Done lurking

    lurked long enough, so its time for this pup to say hi Hmmm, what to say....? I'm a Babyfur, I live in the uk. Slowly clawing my way out of hiding, I'm still living with my folks & as such still hiding pretty much everything. A little more of a DL than an AB but they're almost equal. ....aww...
  19. Lilannakiya

    Hi Everybody

    Hey everyone, I am new here just found out about the site from a thread on Gaia. I was so thrilled to find this forum. I am not new to ageply or AB. I am 22 but in spirit I am sometimes 5 but usually a toddler of about 2 or 3. I am excited to learn from others and make new friends that don't...
  20. Khaz_Kasani

    An introduction

    Hello all!!! I am new, and was recommended by my boyfriend Neonite. I am, quite obviously, a TB/DL (didn't see that one coming now did you? XD) Along with liking diapers and baby things I am also a fem-boy. I like dressing and acting like a girl and I am very submissive. I absolutely adore...