1. R

    New DL To The Club

    Hi everyone. I'm a new guy to the site. I've been a DL for over 8 years now, but this my first real dive into the online world that is associated with everything. I've lurked before but I think the time has come for me to contribute to the community that I've become a part of. Hope to make some...
  2. P

    Introducing myself

    Hello, I'm James and have read many of the forums on this site so decided to join so I can speak with people that feel the same way. My main love about being a baby is sucking a pacifier, it makes me sleepy and I feel young again. I also sleep with a diaper and quite often wake up wet because...
  3. C

    Hihi everyone!

    Been lurking for a while and decided to join... been an AB/DL for a very long time, and wear/ rollplay a few times a week.
  4. KidSpike13

    Hey everybody! I am new, and would like to introduce myself, maybe get some friends.

    Hi. So, I am in high school, almost finished for the year (woohoo!). I joined this site because I am confused about who I really am, think I am a teen baby, and because I couldn't stand not having anyone to talk openly to about it. I am a bit of a geek, in that I love comics, video games, and...
  5. Tamba


    Hello all, newbie diaper fur here my furona is a orange tiggy of my age who wears diapers my other hobbies are Gaming,tv and Film
  6. ibeadorkable

    Hi, I'm Ashley

    To say this is a bit daunting in an understatement! So, since I'm so nervous I can't think clearly, I'm just going to be creative and use the introduction template. :sweatdrop: I'm fairly shy, until you get to know me and then I'm just moody so you never know what to expect. I have a BA in...
  7. A

    Howdy! I'm a New Daddy

    I am a fun loving guy who is 41. I love the outdoors and kayaking and traveling and being involved in theatre. I'm a psychologist, after just completing a masters program after leaving the corporate world. I grew up in Memphis and currently live in Arkansas, but I am well traveled. I am...
  8. N

    I'm a Newbie

    Hi I am a newbie here, My name is Lee (nova84601) I am 30 years old and I am incontinent, I wear diapers 24/7 and don't mind wearing them, I am mentally disabled, I suffer from Major Depression, P.T.S.D, a Learning disability and Mild mental retarded. I have a degree in computer repair, and...
  9. D

    First Week in Diapers

    On Monday (11/28) I will be able to live 24/7 in diapers for the first time ever. I am committed to going to work and trying to live and sleep my normal life. I hope you'll follow me and you'll help and advise me... stay tuned
  10. D

    Nervous Newbie

    Okay, I'm finally gonna do it! I have been lurking as a guest here for a long time, relieved to find out that my very secret love of diapers isn't abnormal. I am not able to live in diapers, but on rare occasions have had time to experiment with them. This Monday (11/28) will begin a week that I...
  11. S

    Lul what to do now?

    SO i am not really knew to Adisc, i have always known about it, read plenty of threads and posts, and have gotten some really good info ^_^. I guess i thought i was just time to make an account and meet some new people, also to cure the extra time i have everyday. I dont know maybe i am joining...
  12. J


    I am new around here. A little about myself ; in my teens I discovered a interests in diapers and other baby things . I am a Phlebotomist by day and Criminal Justice major when night comes, I am currently closing in on my associates degree. In other news: I like to write poetry and I enjoy...
  13. T

    I am new... sorta

    I have hung around the site for a while and actually signed up a year ago. It has been brought to my attention, though, that I have not signed in for quite a while. I have also not posted an introduction. So... I am a high School student and I work at a BK... for now. I really want to be a...
  14. BabyRyu

    Hi...iima newbie:]

    Hi everyone! ima newbie too Adisc, but i am so excited too see what there is to offer! Ive always been interested in interacting with fellow AB/DL/babyfur/whatever! I am a very social person so dont be afraid to say hi! I am a white male :D i recently turned 18 and so im looking to perhaps...
  15. GlowingBell

    Um, hi there.

    I'm not exactly new to the AB/DL thing, but I've never talked about it or acted on it before. Well until now.. (I'm sucking my thumb right now. :P)
  16. Vinceti

    Whats up?

    Hey, my name is Vinceti. Well not really, i want to be a little privite. But anyway, i'm 16 and i have a slight fondness for diapers. I don't really know why i like them but i do. It's just a little thing i do, but i didn't know if there were others like me until i found It's really...
  17. Jossilyn

    New to the site and a little shy.

    Hello everybody. I'm Jossilyn, and for those wondering no its not my real name. =) If you play video games on the internet you might have seen me running around, I'm a semi-rare species called a "girl-gamer". I'm here because I've been doing some soul searching lately and wondering "who exactly...
  18. Vanessa

    Heylo newbie here XD

    Hello everyone, Otay My name is derek im 18 and am an adult baby and likes to crossdress. XD simple enough I hope. Also right now im wearing a boys pullup 4t-5t fits fine to waist is a lil below 34 im guessing. So hi everyone. Expecting to meet some online friends in for the same thing...
  19. C


    Hi everyone. I am a Mid 30's abdl male. I am married with kids and am here to find out more about the scene and 'meet' likeminded friends.:smile1:
  20. G

    Only just joined! :)

    I've just joined here, I first found out about the site yesterday whilst browsing the 'net for AB/DL stuff. From what I've read everyone on the website seems really friendly and I can't wait to chat more on here. Here's a little about myself: I'm 18 Tall and slim I'm about to start a...