new york city

  1. B

    hello again....from nyc.

    hi, i have never really actively tried to partake in any conversations, but i read them often. i have only met two other AB/DLs in nyc, but there must be waaaay more out there, i imagine. i thought i would finally reach out and see who else might be within 500 miles....i consider that...
  2. Sitherus

    new york furries

    Recently I visited newyork city on vacation and walked through the streets of Manhatan. I realized something, there are alot of furries their or just lots of people in big friendly furry suits. I was wondering something, I dont consider myself a furry as of yet but I was wondering If the people...
  3. N

    28yo NYC guy here

    Hey all, I'm a young professional living in downtown NYC. I've had wetting issues off and on for which I wear diapers for. It's been a struggle at times, but I've also found myself enjoying aspects of wearing diapers over the years. I'm looking for other similar aged (20s - 30s) guys who also...
  4. C

    A Nice Midwestern Diaper Boy in Chicago With Big Bro/Daddy Tendencies :)

    Hey everyone! I don't know why I haven't registered and been active on this site before. I've been a member of several other online diaper communities for several years. I am a nice Midwestern boy who travels to both coasts with some regular frequency. I've been wearing since I was 15 and have...