new world order

  1. betagame

    WE ARE UNDER MARTIAL LAW!!!! WAKE UP IMMEDIATTLY!!! Watch all the videos you can!! You Got 3 days!

    Get out your guns, and stay awake on OCT 1st-5th!!! When the police dept. sent you a questionair , tell them you have no guns, knives, or ammo, so they won't go searching your house. So when its time, you will be ready to fight, there are 10 million UN soldiers, and 20 million US army...
  2. betagame

    New world order.

    i have read and watched alot of info about new world order FEMA concentrarion camps, chemtrails, black helicopters, HIAFF towers in YOUR city Do you think this is real or conspiracy? talk about it HERE. earthlast hope has all the info that the media DOESNT WANT YOUTO HEAR