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  1. SuzakuAkatori

    Haii! New Here

    Hi, I'm SuzakuAkatori but you can call me Suzaku, Suza, or Zaku for short. I'm a 26 year old Autistic ABDL from Missouri and I like Anime/manga, video games, star wars, and plenty of atompunk and raygun gothic era scifi. I'm also a big star wars fan (old expanded universe canon not the new...
  2. SleepyBunny

    Im new here, so, what up.

    Hello! My name is {disclosed} xD . I am sort of new here (i read on this site, but never made an account). This is my fist/only abdl forum I have joined and is also the first forum in general (i think, may not be accurate). So here it goes... I like making things and tinkering with stuff...
  3. W

    Hello from BC, Canada!

    Hey all! I'm WellPadded83, currently residing in beautiful Vancouver, BC! I have been a DL for as long as I can remember... I use to keep a stash of diapers when I was little and even getting my Mom to ask my Aunt for some. Guess she thought I would grow out of it :) I've kept this a secret...
  4. Catdragon


    I'm Ashley. I am the SO of the user Premetheus and he told me about ADISC. I was really curious about it. I really want to learn more as it is important to him so it's important to me. I would like to know some of you better, specifically ones who know Adam or "Premetheus". I am a curious person...
  5. J

    Hi everyone!

    Hey guys! you can call me Julz :), I recently made an account here on ADISC but have been lurking around here for about 8 years now. Two months ago I went to a counselor and one of the main things we would speak about is my diaper fetish. It has always been apart of me but I was never able to...
  6. H

    Hey everyone <3

    I am new here and I would like to introduce myself to you all. I have become a member to talk and meet new an/do friends and share stories I like to play video games my favourite being team fortress 2, CSGO and gta 5 I spend most o my time playing on games when I'm not I'm sleeping or in...
  7. L

    New to the Site

    Hi all. I'm new here. I have been a bedwetter all my life and worn diapers at night as a result. It saves a lot of trouble. Anyways, discovered that I like wearing them more often. They're comforting and I like how they feel. Joined the site to get to know a few others and figure a few things...
  8. D

    Hello from Switzerland!

    Hello, I'm Jo from Switzerland. I'm not wearing diapers, but I'm a babysitter. I'm a new babysitter, with short experience, but I really like it! I seen that there is some French speaker here, then: "Bonjour à tous!" Sincerely, Daddy Jo