new to diapers

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    Diaper help/troubleshooting

    Today was my first time trying diapers, I got a Rearz sample pack from Amazon as a tester. I have some questions. Any help or input would be appreciated, I really am at a loss here. My Daddy and I are LDR right now (for school) as well, so he cannot help me much, plus he isn't the most...
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    Hi. Im new to this. My husband is the one that likes me to wear a diaper. Can anyone give me some advice on wearing them?
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    New to diapers - I'm trying to find the most comfortable but don't know where to go

    Hello there...I am a little girl who is new to diapers and interested in wearing diapers for comfort and protection. I really want to wear the most big and crinkly ones that also look cute. I heard that there are diapers made specifically for adult babies which might be what i'm looking for but...