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  1. L

    New to the Site

    Hi all. I'm new here. I have been a bedwetter all my life and worn diapers at night as a result. It saves a lot of trouble. Anyways, discovered that I like wearing them more often. They're comforting and I like how they feel. Joined the site to get to know a few others and figure a few things...
  2. KnuxieFawks

    I've become a lurker? Creeeeepy.

    Okay, well I actually spend a lot of time on the adisc IRC channel and don't really hang around the forums much. I'm a babyfur from Illinois. I believe everyone could use a hug, so come get your free hug. (See? Sooo not creepy...wait. He wants to do what to me?) Okay, I respect people's...
  3. lilcabbit

    ermmm hewo

    hewo i ish new to this and ermmm i only just find this site ive been looking for a place like this well ill tell u abit about my self and then ill probly tell u abit about every that happons in my life coz atm it aint going well well hear gose im sean im pritty much a babyfur and im into alot of...