new here

  1. Blekyss

    Thank you so much!

    Thank you so much for accepting me. I am very shy so so maybee not so active with my writing. I am a diaper lover and I can read we all facing almost the same problems with hiding from public etc. I hope I will overcome my shyness in the future.
  2. PrincessEsther

    Hello from a Trans Little in Texas

    Hello! I'm new here, I guess! You can call me Vee. I'm trans, I'm a woman, I'm snuggly, I'm probably asexual. I'm here. So hi. I dunno. Is there much more I should talk about here?
  3. T

    Umm hi.. I'm Tanner :)

    Hello, my name is Brandon, or Tanner as some know me, even more if you're in the furry community. I grew up thinking I was the only weirdo out there that liked diapers, glad I was wrong. :) I turn 21 in a month, active duty military, just back from Afghanistan, have a slight bit of PTSD. I'm...
  4. G

    new here

    1) Hello! Gizmo here, I am a cheerful little guy from Canada and no I probably don't know your friend's cousin's friend Steve in Toronto. Sorry, hahaha. 2) What brings me here? I am an AB/DL and want to chat to others with similar interests 3) What are my other interests? I am a film student...
  5. littlefwuffybrat

    Haii there!!

    Hewwo everyone yew can call me kawaiideviant or rachel, or playful, whatever yew want ^_^ I'm really new to everything with adbl and this website, and I would love to make some friends on here! I love doodling, colouring, playing on my xbox, especially minecraft :D oh oh and also, hello kitty...
  6. G

    Hello everyone =)

    Hey! After a little browsing around on ab/dl related sites, I have decided to join ADISC and try to join in on all of the fun. I am a recent high school graduate. I plan on going to college and I will take a few classes, including music theory and creative writing. I would consider myself to...
  7. TheDirtyBandit

    Hello All

    Hello all, not sure what to put here. I'm a DL from WI and I'm in college. Questions are welcome.
  8. T

    Hello everyone :D

    The names Chris~ I guess to start with... I've had an interest in diapers and the like since I was little... And I used to be ashamed about it for awhile, but I feel like in the past year I've come to terms with it and accepted it as part of who I am ^-^. Don't know if I'll ever get around to...
  9. B

    Hello Fellow Diaperlovers!

    Hi, I'm new to Adisc, but certainly not new to the AB/DL community. I am 31, from Florida. I'm single, straight, and easy going. I'm open minded to everyone's interests and likes. I am hoping this site will allow me to get to know more people in the AB/DL community, so we can share info...
  10. F

    Hi... I'm new...

    Hi, I'm furrniture. I'm kinda pathologically shy so don't expect alot of information... I was a teen baby in secret but now I'm 20 so I guess I'm an adult baby in secret now. I like diapers and pacifiers n stuff... I also like furry stuff. I have no idea what sexuality I am ( I might be A sexual...
  11. M

    Woof! Fresh Pup. ^^

    Hey Fellow Furries and Friends. I'm new to this site. A good friend of mine introduced me to it. I've been a furry for nearly a year now. I'm a wolf/husky. People call me either Michio or Pup, although I'm a teen furry. ^^ In rl, I love to run, draw, and watch movies. I have a good time...
  12. K

    Hi, I'm new.

    Hi, I'm kit nomara and I'm a babyfur. I've been a member here for a long time but never posted anything as I just glanced... My bad. So anyways. I'm a fox rabbit cross. I'm vary friendly and accept any new friends as they make the world go round. Thank you all that are not my friend yet and see...
  13. F

    My Introduction ^^

    Hi there :sweatdrop: well I'm a 17 year old TB/DL and like a lot of people here I'm somewhat shy and insecure or at least in real life. This is my first time on a forum so be sure to let me know if there are any mistakes.:detective3 Im a big fan of video games, enjoy drawing and though rare I...
  14. J

    Hi I'm taloh

    Hi I'm new to all this so this is kinda weird for me... I'm a tb/dl and have never really come out about this.. I've been a dl for at least like... Nine or so years... At the beginning my parents knew about it (how could they not?) but now no one does (till now) I'm a pretty hardcore gamer (GO...
  15. DLChris


    I just found this site and it looks like a nice diaper lover site. I thought I would say hi and see how other members like the site. :smile1:
  16. BabyHeroSakura

    Helloo peoples! I'm new

    Hi my names wolfy(aka irvin) I'm new to this website. And so far i pretty much like this web. Anyway I'm into some sports like swimming soccer, tennis, and wrestling. I like to play soccer for fun. I also like to draw, plant, garden, and video games. I especialy like to play video games. I'm...
  17. B

    Hi I'm new

    I have been reading the post for a while and decided to join. I am a little self conscious about being an AB. Glad I found this site to share.
  18. wayward1

    somewhat new here

    I have looked at this site for awhile and liked what I saw so many people that shared the same interest. I signed up awhile back and finally decided to do one of these. :smile1: Im glad to see how everyone is so open about who they are. That is awsome. so I guess this is Hello everyone.