new diaper lover

  1. H

    Renaissance man. Real sweet boy. A Tortured life. A New Hope.

    The title of this thread reads like the promo to a new film, wherein Westley becomes a Jedi. Were you to meet me.... it may play out like this: "Upon entering the cavernous hall, you are aware of approaching footsteps. A large human male enters from the opposite side of the room. His...
  2. SallyJayy

    My ABDL Boyfriend

    Hello Everyone,I am new to this I had signed up with an other ABDL site but nobody real seemed to comment on my post.Me(18) and my boyfriend(19) have been dating for four years now and I had not so long ago found out about his liking to diapers.I found out because he wasn't so good at computers...
  3. A


    I'm new here, i not in to being babied, I just like diapers they are safe and every comfortable too me :smile1: want to talk to people like me, kik pyezo1
  4. D

    Hey Everyone

    Hello everyone, i have been playing with adult diapers for quite some time just in private so this is my coming out post. My real name is Erik i am primarily a diaper lover but also like stuffies and get very attached to them. Also enjoy seeing girls in thick diapers and don't mind changing them...
  5. N

    Oct. 7th 2014 NEW INTRO.

    Hello! My name is Nathan. I am a DL and I am new to my obsession. Confused, scared, and want to learn more. Happy to have found this welcoming and informational forum full of members. I'm 21 years old, Male, have a boyfriend (of 2 years), love diapers (dry), and live in San Diego...
  6. S

    totally me!

    hey its stud0426 rockin it in michigan
  7. M

    My husband is a diaper lover

    Posted March 19th, 2012 at 12:55PM My partner and I have been together for almost 2 years. We have been married only 3 days. When my partner and I first met, he told me that he had a fetish with diapers and liked to wear them to masturbate. He told me that he wasn't into adult baby stuff, nor...
  8. F

    Exploring my new life as a AB / DL

    I have just noticed that there are others who share interest in dressing as babies and or wearing diapers. I am at the early stage in my exploration of AB / DL . I have from time to time worn diapers but not as a serious lifestyle choice. I have often thought about age regression but this is the...
  9. I

    It feels good to finally accept this part of my life

    Hi everyone. I guess you could say I have been in the DL closet for about the last year and a half ever since I started wearing Goodnites. I have been browsing these forums for a while as a guest and finally today I got the nerves to create an account and truly join the community. The only...
  10. D

    Hello ADISC!

    Hey everyone, DB777 here! Some of you may know me as diaperboy777 on YouTube, by anyways I am glad to have joined here! Currently I am a freshmen in college working on a degree in international studies. When not writing papers you can find me playing my PSX, SNES, or Sega Genesis. I love...