new bambino diapers

  1. M

    Hiya new to this and enjoying it ^^

    well i just joined the site so far i like what i see i've been padding for awhile now and been a babyfur for a bit to but still kinda new to wearing diapers so any tips is very cool, also looking for some nice diapers ones that can hold allot pretty much a one a day diaper if ya get what i mean ^^
  2. MetalMann

    New Bambino Diapers vs Bambino Teddies

    Here is a review/comparison for the new Bambino Diapers vs. Bambino Teddies. To begin with, the taping panel is smoother and stick A LOT better then the Bambino Teddies'. The new Bambino print is quite colorful and offer different characters and other images to give it a unique look. They are...