new baby

  1. vietnamesebabyboi

    Hey guys :)

    Hi people, I’m sort of new to this site, I created this account a couple months ago but exam season and uni really got in my way of doing anything else but study. I’m 18 and I live in Melbourne. Im a very open minded person, easy to talk with although I’m pretty shy lol. Ive been a little for...
  2. B


    Sorry for not saying anything for a while, i made an account, had something come up, and eventually forgot about it. But hai! Im BabyFoxy, im a very shy baby who is a bit little on the inside. I have one video of myself in diapers and for some reason im just too shy about showing it, like ill...
  3. B

    I want a sippy cup! D: helpp

    Hi! So I wanna buy a sippy cup! Iv'e never bought one before so should i buy an adult baby sippy cup or is a legit toddle sippy cup a better idea? Also any suggestions would be awesome :D I like babyish and girly ^^
  4. P

    Hello adorable members ^^ I'm new here

    Hello Every little one, i've just registered here in this forum, and looking for friends to talk to and i hope to meet people who have the same interests and i'll be glad to meet everyone ^^
  5. H

    Hello there, Im new

    Hi, im new hear today and would love to get myself out there :sweatdrop: Iv never really been good at forums but i really want to give this one a go, as my profile says i am a diaper loves like most people hear. One thing is iv never really told people about my diaper play ((or what ever...
  6. SweetPea

    Oh no! Another Babyfur!? >;P

    Hello! So here's the deal: I'm a babyfur. I am also an artist on FA, but I do not plan to tell anyone who I am just yet, if at all. I have been in the ABDL scene for two years, but recently started getting 'active' in it. I don't own many Little things -- just a few t-shirts, and a few...
  7. BabyAngela

    Baby Angela greets you from the Netherlands

    Hi, I'm just getting involved being an AB. I don't wear diapers yet, but I certainly will. I always wanted to know how it was to be a girl (i'm a male 23 in reallife) I even own some girl clothes, like a bikini, a german dress, skirt, pink t-shirts, tights and leotard. But I also have a bussy...
  8. P

    Hello from Los Angeles ^w^

    Hey everyone, my name is Pianissima. I live in the Los Angeles area as a professional composer and gamer (Two awesome jobs!) I have to wear diapers due to bed wetting and occasional daytime issues as well. I decided not too long ago to try to make something good out of it so I looked toward the...
  9. W

    hi, I'm new to all of this.

    hi...I'm trish. so I'm really new to this ABDL stuff. and I could really use some help. I'm in a current relationship, where my boyfriend is into the ABDL thing. he wants me to act as a mommy sometime and a baby at other times. I'm completely okay with doing everything he wants. I'm actually...