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  1. Roverthesissybabyfur

    Diaper and pjs

    Hello hi am new to this community and have really wanted to know where i can find some cute well padded diapers (girly or not i dont care~) and where i can get some snuggly mlp onesies (prefered apple jack and rainbow dash) or some pj bottoms (dont let my name confuse ya, im male but a sissy~)
  2. H

    Hello there, Im new

    Hi, im new hear today and would love to get myself out there :sweatdrop: Iv never really been good at forums but i really want to give this one a go, as my profile says i am a diaper loves like most people hear. One thing is iv never really told people about my diaper play ((or what ever...
  3. H

    I dont know what to title this...but "hey" is so boring

    Greetings (: I'm new to this site and to the idea of the teen baby lifestyle. I have a friend who i found out is a teen baby, and i am going all out to support them. However, i would like to know more about it. If you practice this lifestyle, will you post a reply with something about your...