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  1. ThatOneGayBoi


    Heyy guys! I just recently signed up so I could (hopefully) meet a few other littles in my area. Also! How’re you doing today? :)
  2. slipperywhenwet

    Asking about the story rules

    I’m new to this site and was reviewing the rules before submitting a story. Rule #2 (I believe) said, “Don't post anything intended to arouse the reader. Activities which can be erotic to some (e.g: spanking, diapering) may not be done in an erotic way.” I wouldn’t call my story crude, but...
  3. B


    Hi Gay 30 year old DLboy from Norway. Love wearing diapers and use them for what they are ment for. I have a profile on the abdlscandinavia-site if you would like to see more pictures or chatt with me. always cool to find new sites and perhaps get to know some new people. Best regards...
  4. littlefurdrake


    well might as well say hello sorry it took so long my name is drake and i am a little and a abdl<waits for all to say hello> i am 33 little age is 3 i live near vancouver canada hope to meet some nice people oh and i am a homosexual :sweatdrop:
  5. Emily-the-wolf

    Hello to the world

    Hi so i'm proubly doing this wrong but hay ho! so i'm knew here and jsut wanted to say hi. If any of you are wondering i'm from the UK and enjoy woodworking and gaming! i joined this site to find out stuff i don't know like to put on a tape up nappy propely and well just to meet new people...
  6. B


    Sorry for not saying anything for a while, i made an account, had something come up, and eventually forgot about it. But hai! Im BabyFoxy, im a very shy baby who is a bit little on the inside. I have one video of myself in diapers and for some reason im just too shy about showing it, like ill...
  7. littleBabyJojo

    Hi there!

    I'm Jojo! I'm an ABDL and I don't know what to say! :dunno:
  8. S

    I've been debating this for a while

    Hello, I am Secretsofthenite ( lol get it like goodnite ;) ) I have lurked on and off this website for years. I have always been interested in diapers, not AB just DL, since I could remember. I've acted on these urges in the past. Once being asked by a family friend who wore goodnites for bed...
  9. N

    New lady

    Finally doing what I always wanted to do! So glad I found this forum, I feel like I live a double life. on one hand I have a posh job in the center of the city. dress posh everyday with heels and makeup but then I get home and I am another person, just love chillin in my own way. On free days...
  10. N

    New here!

    Hi! i have been toying with the idea of signing up on here for a while! I have had an interest in nappies for sometime and wear regularly and so finally decided to take the plunge. My main interests included the natural world and travelling, anyone else have similar interests? With both taking...
  11. SD79

    My Intro Post. Some of you may actually know me from long ago.

    So here goes with my intro post. Before I answer the 4 basic questions (yes I read the sticky on how to write an intro post) I want to say that there's a good chance some of you here may have crossed paths with me in the past in one place or another. I am certainly not new to the AB/DL...
  12. Shran


    Hi, I am Shran, Offline I am a bit asocial, bordering on shy, so I am joining the form to hopefully find more friends! I love reading. Fan fiction is my favorite. My two favorite shows right now are Star Trek any series and My Little Pony. I have a ton of My Little Pony toys, figures, and...
  13. H

    Hey everyone <3

    I am new here and I would like to introduce myself to you all. I have become a member to talk and meet new an/do friends and share stories I like to play video games my favourite being team fortress 2, CSGO and gta 5 I spend most o my time playing on games when I'm not I'm sleeping or in...
  14. Ashton

    I greet you, people of the internet.

    Hey! The name's Ashton. Feel free to call me Ash. I've actually been visiting this site for quite a while and my not joining earlier was thanks in no small part to my general inability to ascertain the method of joining, rather than any element of shyness. I very much defy the stereotype of...
  15. stringsplash

    Hi! Greetings and Introductions and all that jazz

    Hey all! Greetings. I'm here not for as much support as I am to learn about all these different topics and find others who have similar interests, diapers or other interests. Speaking of, I have a wide variety of interests: Sports, to music, to different subjects in school, to different...
  16. M

    Hiya new to this and enjoying it ^^

    well i just joined the site so far i like what i see i've been padding for awhile now and been a babyfur for a bit to but still kinda new to wearing diapers so any tips is very cool, also looking for some nice diapers ones that can hold allot pretty much a one a day diaper if ya get what i mean ^^
  17. B

    New to the site

    Hello, My name is John and I am 19 years old from the United States. Right now I am a full time student in college (going for pre-engineering) and a part time cashier so besides those two things I don't really have time to do much. The free time that I do have I like to spend playing soccer...
  18. ClosettedDL

    Hi I'm new and I drew a picture :)

    Hi Everyone! I'm J and I've been fascinated with diapers since I was atleast 8 years old. I'm just too much of a wimp to go and buy some now, I'm a ClosettedDL (teehee cause it's my username okay haha yeah) I like Minecraft and animals and painting and sleeping and stuff like that :) I'm nice...
  19. foreveryoungatheart

    Hello Eveybody....

    :D Well here this goes. I'm really shy and new to this. My name is Megan. I have always found kids clothing to be much cuter then what they have for adults. I'm also in astronomy. I'm hoping to get a job in astronomy. Music is my life! I can't go one day without it! :hug:
  20. C

    New Account, And a New Me!

    Previous to trying to change my password, I was known as somethingdifferent. Then, I got to lazy to recover my account and created a new. I believe that for me this is a good thing, as many things have changed for me since creating my original account as it did not portray me correctly, so...