new ab/dl hello

  1. B


    Hi Gay 30 year old DLboy from Norway. Love wearing diapers and use them for what they are ment for. I have a profile on the abdlscandinavia-site if you would like to see more pictures or chatt with me. always cool to find new sites and perhaps get to know some new people. Best regards...
  2. littleBabyJojo

    Hi there!

    I'm Jojo! I'm an ABDL and I don't know what to say! :dunno:
  3. M

    New to the AB/DL community

    Hi, I'm not new to being a DL but I'm actually shy about meeting some new people in the AB/DL community. I mean I suppose its okay (as long as its safe to trust one another that is), I've never had friends who are AB/DL so this is my very first time, & I'm fixing to turn 20 soon. So is their...
  4. H

    Renaissance man. Real sweet boy. A Tortured life. A New Hope.

    The title of this thread reads like the promo to a new film, wherein Westley becomes a Jedi. Were you to meet me.... it may play out like this: "Upon entering the cavernous hall, you are aware of approaching footsteps. A large human male enters from the opposite side of the room. His...
  5. S

    Greetings everyone! =)

    Hello, nice to meet you all :) First of all I want to excuse my poor grammar and spelling, English is unfortunately not my first language. So one month ago I didn't even know that an ABDL community existed, then my boyfriend told me all about it. I was shocked first, but tried to be...
  6. swimbutterfly22

    Salute from the Netherlands

    Hi Everyone, I joined this forum a while ago because I found out years back that I love wearing diapers. My previous girlfriend is the only person I ever met who knows I'm a DL since I'm single now and that feels kind of sad. On this forum I hope to find more likeminded people to talk about...
  7. M


    Hello there, I've ben in to this for a while but i've never had anyone to support me in this. so im hoping to find a woman who will help me get in ot this moreso. im from co, im 23, im a gamer. i get a little nervous to talk about this in public but im hoping like i said to find somone to help...
  8. B

    High from the new guy

    Hello to you various people out there. I've been observing the adult baby and diaper lover community from a far. I'm also into into the diaper fur and babyfur scene. I've largely kept myself but I felt that it was time to test the waters so to speak and try to interacts with others online in the...
  9. pajamalover

    I am new here and wanting to say helle

    Hi I am Pajama lover As you can guess from my user name I am a lover of pajamas I have been wearing footed pajamas since before they where trendy. lol I am a self employed cabinet maker I have a small shop and make furniture, kitchen cabinets and generally any custom millwork that comes my...
  10. D

    New to the community

    Hey all. I Have been a member here for a few months, but other than just signing up, I haven't done anything with this site. I honestly forgot I even had an account here lol. So I figured I'd introduce myself. I'm Drew and i'm from the not so great state of Ohio =P i'm a 23 year old straight...
  11. K

    New, but not new to wearing. Suggestions appreciated :)

    Hi, I'm new to this & have been an AB/DL for as long as I can remember. I never knew there was a community of others that shared this need/lifestyle. I still haven't come out to anyone I know, but I hope to gain the confidence to be able to soon. I wear almost 24/7 & I'm sure some people I don't...
  12. chesterlad


    Hey all just joined here, thought I would say hey and introduce myself :)
  13. abcdefghij

    Hello community

    I am a first time poster who have been seldom wearing diapers for 7 years now. I am 19, and a male. I am a gamer who is just now getting a job for college money. I do not think I will give up diapers altogether.
  14. xtrabulk

    Hi there!

    Hello everyone, Thanks for all of your posts. This seems like a very welcoming site. I recently returned to the life (DL) after about a 6-year hiatus. During that six years, I got married and adopted my wife's two sons. During a moment of high stress, I told my wife of my...proclivities. She...
  15. C


    Hey everyone i am new here i am 35 live in niagara falls canada been into waring diapers for about 15 years now found this site hope to make some friends that are into the same things as i am and chat and keep up with the news in the comunitty Ryan
  16. wittleamy

    My Lame Introduction.

    Hi People! I'm new to this site and it's a little overwhelming. I'm super shy, but once I feel comfortable, I'm just a silly, goofy girl. I joined this site because of my interest in diapers and age regression. I've never ever had a friend with these same interest and that's kind of sad. Most...
  17. Pokerpro

    Hey everyone :)

    Hello everyone. My name is kyle. I found this site uppon being bored and just looking for something to do. I thought it would be nice to talk to people about this stuff. I'm not obsessed with it. I like to play poker, [removed], I work at a girls clothing store. By the way I'm a guy so its...
  18. B

    I am new!

    Well I will start by saying I am a young man in my early 30's. I have like diapers since I was quite young. I never indulged into diapers until I found DPF in the early internet days. I am still not sure where I fall in regards to adult baby, diaper lover, or the many categories. I like a...
  19. D

    Hey Everyone

    First off, nice to be apart of this community. I hope I enjoy it and that it will be beneficial to me. So this is the first time that I have ever really told anyone about what I'm into and why. And I hope that this will help me understand more about me and why I'm into this. Currently I am a...
  20. B

    Newby - Transgendered and Confused as hell!

    Hey! Im Niki, male in sex but unsure in gender. Sort of in the middle. A self-discovery is needed there, whenever I get that privilege and privacy. Anyway, Nice to meet you all! I’m 17, almost 18, into diapers, sissification, femdom, bondage and various other kinks! [Removed] So yeah, happy...