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  1. D

    Pacifier with a tooth gap

    So I'm a very new ABDL and just recently bought an adult pacifier, which I'm loving. However, whenever I use my pacifier it sort of swells up the inside of my upper lip, and I think it's because I have a gap between my two big incisors, and when I suck the pacifier the lip kinda gets sucked...
  2. dipgirli


    My name is Ashton Renee I am a lil girl full time cause theres no other way for me to be but myself Just found this site a bit ago and signed up imidiatly cause there are so many like minded ppls on here and that exciting cause I only know one DL irl Im in my 30s irl but in my heart and mind...
  3. D


    Hi, I am DL from Rawalpindi Pakistan I'm looking for same people like me who like wearing diapers. i've searched the whole internet but havent found any Pakistani DL. I hope I found someone here.
  4. S

    Hello there form Hungary

    Hello im Shyamala. Im from Hungary so sorry if i make mistakes in my gramar etc.... im 25 and for a long time im attracted to wearing a diaper! But never tryed it i was shy/ feared to even buy one! When i go to buy i cant it every time i buy something else :(. For years i...
  5. SparkleBunny

    Hi, shy but happy to be here!

    Hi, I'm Sparkles. I've come to this site for support and to share my interest in toys, blankets, coloring, and everything else that's childish. I am actually mentally younger, so part of my reason for being in the ABDL* community is to help support that. I'm not sure if there's other people that...
  6. H

    Renaissance man. Real sweet boy. A Tortured life. A New Hope.

    The title of this thread reads like the promo to a new film, wherein Westley becomes a Jedi. Were you to meet me.... it may play out like this: "Upon entering the cavernous hall, you are aware of approaching footsteps. A large human male enters from the opposite side of the room. His...
  7. R

    I am back.

    I didn't know I had ever created a profile, but I am excited to get to know people on this form.
  8. BabyKai

    I need feedback on this story I'm going to do.

    Hi, I'm really into writing stories but this is my first ABDL story. I've written quite a bit so far and would love feedback, negative or positive. As long as you aren't rude about it (although I doubt anyone will be since it seems this website is just full of very lovely, caring, friendly...
  9. BabyKai

    I'm new to ABDL stuff. I feel really strange about it.

    I'm new to this stuff. I live with my parents so I have to be very secretive about it. Luckily for me, I actually have special needs (that's a weird sentence, I've never really been thankful for being disabled) and many of the things that I need for my special needs is quite baby like. I have...
  10. D

    New To This

    Hey im David ! 27 years old im with my girlfriend since 4 years now ... and im not sure if i like diaper or im just to shy to buy one to try it :/ i dont know if its the kind of thing we can talk in a Relationship either... someone got tip for me on how to try it, stuff to try and if i should...
  11. N

    Not sure where I am with this

    Hi everyone, I am new to this and am wondering where I fall into, am I a diaper lover? or is this more of a sexual thing for me? I recently started wearing diapers at home and I love it. I always wanted to do this and decided to give it a go. I Love watching movies or eating and just letting...
  12. Raprture

    Hey guys I'm fianlly here

    so I originally started coming here to look at peoples experiences and messing tips and now I'm a lot more comfortable with the whole thing I though i'd finally make an account and get to know some people. I've just moved out and doing a university degree in Biomedical science. I'm massively...
  13. S


    I'm new and thought I would start by posting a quick hello. Feel free to check out my little bio. I'm pretty simple and just here to share my stories as well as make friends or jjust fit in. I am a furry but never exposed my fursona to diapers, so if anyone is an artist let me know!
  14. M


    So im newish to this. i mean iv done it inprivate by my self for a while now and i do really enjoy it. im just nervous to do it in public. im hoping to find somone who will help me be less nervous about embarasing this full force. any ideas?
  15. A

    Hai :3

    My name is Sam, I signed up for this site a little bit ago but I have been too shy/scared to say anything. About a month ago I discovered that there were really other people in the world who loves diapers as much as I did! YAY! Aside from that, I like technology and I am learning to program, I...
  16. Natalie1364

    Hi, new here

    Hi my names Natalie and am very new to this site and thought I'd say hi! I'm pretty friendly and eady to get along with and hope to get to know all of you.
  17. IronRoyal

    Hi! New here. Let's get acquainted!

    Hi! I've been browsing (or lurking, really) these forums, but I finally decided to join recently. I'm pretty shy, but I'd really like to make new friends. Please treat me kindly, I look forward to getting to know everyone! :D What Brought Me Here Let's see... I've had an interest in diapers and...
  18. B


    Hi i am bobby I'm new to the community i have just began to please my baby side instead of hiding it so i joined adisc to help learn more about the community
  19. B

    Hey everyone , greetings from Toronto Canada

    Many thanks to Crinklemoo for advertising this site [Removed], ive been into this for 12 years and never heard of this place
  20. babyemma7473

    Me as a new baby

    MY fiance told me about his desire to take care of a little girl, and also his desires to have a diaper girl walk around his house. So, I quickly tried it out for him and learned that I loved it. Which explains why I wanted a bottle until I was around 10 or 11. I just needed someone to show me...