1. PlasticPant

    Tykables PLeather Diapers

    I really like the Tykable PLeather diaper - it's well-made, absorbant, fits well, and it's plastic-backed. The black with yellow stripe is a great idea. They're quite expensive to get in the UK, as it means ordering them from ABDLFactory in the Netherlands, and the shipping isn't cheap. I...
  2. F

    Hola from Argentina!

    Hi there! I'm 34 and I'm a newbie here in the forum but also to the AB world. I'm discovering myself little by litte and after a period of big adult stress I realized how nice could be a regression to a time where that type of stress wasn't there. So now I'm trying to embrace my inner child and...
  3. BabyAngela

    Baby Angela greets you from the Netherlands

    Hi, I'm just getting involved being an AB. I don't wear diapers yet, but I certainly will. I always wanted to know how it was to be a girl (i'm a male 23 in reallife) I even own some girl clothes, like a bikini, a german dress, skirt, pink t-shirts, tights and leotard. But I also have a bussy...
  4. D

    DaddyRoland introduces

    Hi All, My Name is DaddyRoland, and I suppose thats also gives away, how I consider myself. I am a DL, and I joined ADISC because I like being active with my hobby, discuss subjects related to our common hobby [removed] (i am married, my wife is in diapers as well) [removed]. Outside of...
  5. toysoldier


    Hello, I am toysoldier, a 19 year old DL from the Netherlands. I wear diapers as much as i can, but i stil live home with my parents....... See you on the forum. Greetz Toysoldier
  6. diapersrulez

    Hello everyone

    Hello Everyone, I am an teen baby/babyfur from The Netherlands. At the moment I am stil in high school, but I will probaly graduate in June. Although English I have to graduate in English for my final exam, sometimes I make mistakes so please tell me when I do. my hobby's are Judo, Sailing and...