1. Xzanza

    Nerd Talk

    I made this thread for people who want to talk about geeky things; all are welcome!
  2. KittyninjaW

    When Deviant Hearts and Free Spirits Meet.

    Okay, so i never really done this before, but I fell, this is the right time so here goes, this is somewhat based on my life, and what I want to happen in it, also considering it's my first AB Story, tell me if I go too far, or about any spelling errors, Well here goes. Chapter 1. The...
  3. A

    Hai :3

    My name is Sam, I signed up for this site a little bit ago but I have been too shy/scared to say anything. About a month ago I discovered that there were really other people in the world who loves diapers as much as I did! YAY! Aside from that, I like technology and I am learning to program, I...
  4. P

    Hello Everyone

    Hi guys, my name's Dave. I'm a lifelong DL, and frequent lurker on this website, who's finally decided to introduce myself to everyone. I'm really pretty shy and introverted, so social interactions (even digital ones) just aren't my thing. However, over the past year my life has been changing...