need advice

  1. peepthekiwi

    Best store/pharmacy brand adult diapers?

    Hey folks,this is my first time posting here, so if it isn't the best, that's probably why. Anyways,as the title suggests, I'm trying to find the best adult diapers I can buy at a store (can't order online) that is t that far of a bike ride/car ride. Also want to know what the best deals of...
  2. MamatoLbP


    Greetings, and hello to everybody out there in adisc land. My name is Mama Row, I have a beautiful little boy that I call my LbP. I am currently 31 years old. We are both relatively new to the adult baby/Mama life. My beautiful little boy has trusted me and only ever me to know and be a part...
  3. H

    Poste Restante

    Couple of questions about the uk poste restante: When i set it up how long does it last? Can you use it for imports from other EU countries? How long do they keep the post for? Is there a size limit for packages? Are non post office couriers able to deliver to poste restante? Is there any other...
  4. W

    hi, I'm new to all of this.

    hi...I'm trish. so I'm really new to this ABDL stuff. and I could really use some help. I'm in a current relationship, where my boyfriend is into the ABDL thing. he wants me to act as a mommy sometime and a baby at other times. I'm completely okay with doing everything he wants. I'm actually...
  5. T


    hello! i am a new member to this site. i..well im not really sure what to call my self but i lean more towards adultbaby. i guess i have been for a long time and just never knew what to call it. i was always ashamed and embarrassed so i never told anyone. i am married for almost 2years now. and...